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Dear Friends and Travelers,

Despite the state of the world today, the beauty of spring here in Southern Oregon is undeniable and uplifting. The fact that the seasons continue uninterrupted without care of other ongoings helps place our current uncertainties in perspective. As an Amish proverb states, “nothing is all wrong, even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

But with that said, our losses and grief are real and not to be ignored. Some have lost family and friends, millions have lost jobs, and most tragically, some have lost hope. Nearly all of us have temporarily lost the ability to be with and hug loved ones, we have lost financially, and we have lost our cherished mobility and our ability to do many things we enjoy most. But in this process of collective suffering, the entire world has changed and in some ways for the better. The headstrong individualism that has so defined our culture has been infused with a sense of international communitarian fellowship with which great obstacles can and will be overcome.

In our normal course of business, we are often touched by those that want to help make life a little better for the destinations, lodges, guides and staff that we work with. But over the past week especially, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity anglers have shown. We know it will go a long way to help these friends and their families, so we thank you all. If there are such things as fish gods, they are surely smiling.

It is actions like these that give us hope. Each day we are more and more confident that when we slide down the backside of this pandemic, we will enjoy calmer seas and a new sense of unity forged in the shared hardships of our past. Until then, we hope you all stay healthy, patient and kind and find some respite and inspiration in the links we’ve shared below.

We look forward to helping you return to the water soon. As always, you may reach us by email at or by calling (800) 552-2729.

All the best,

The Fly Water Travel Team