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Poronui, New Zealand 

Poronui’s unique combination of world-class wilderness fishing, elegant accommodations, gourmet food and wine, varied non-angling activities and modern conveniences has earned them a devout and loyal following from around the world.

Located near the center of the North Island, east of Lake Taupo, Poronui’s 16,000 acres are recognized as some of the finest and most productive trout and game habitat in the country, if not the world. Anglers visiting the ranch can expect to fish new water every day. In addition to their nearly 25 miles of private water, Poronui has special access to vast tracts of Maori owned land as well as a limitless supply of remote public water. Much of the access is gained via modern off-road vehicles or helicopter fly-outs.


Contact Brian or Max at 800.552.2729 for more information on Poronui.