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Dear Friends and Travelers,

We hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe and making the best of our shared circumstances.

What feels like the peak of the pandemic in the U.S. is a somber milestone, but a milestone nonetheless. Seasoned mountain guides understand that once the summit is reached, their journey is far from over. This is when calm minds, careful planning, and diligence are most needed to ward off fatigue, stifle any premature sense of victory, and to bring the expedition home safely. From our perspective, this is where we are now, and the world is doing its best to find its balance. We, like most Americans, have done our small part by keeping close to home and denying ourselves things we crave the most. In truth, this seems minor when compared to the millions of people at home and abroad who are working tirelessly to care for those most affected and to find seemingly impossible solutions that will carefully restore the health of the world, allowing us to once again move forward.

We understand the path is still uncertain and that some are in the darkest hour while others see a discernible glow on the horizon that is growing stronger by the day. We also know that in these times, looking forward beyond the clutter of uncertainties and also dreaming helps give us all hope.

As individuals and as a company, Fly Water Travel is driven by dreams, a sense of adventure, love of wild fish and wild places, and what it means to share these things with others. To unexpectedly be denied these things has cast both the future and our past in a new light. We are finding that being held back has strengthened our own desire for adventure as well as our calling to help others find the experiences that are most important to them. Speaking with so many of you over the past weeks, we have come to learn that the adventures we once saw as luxuries are for many, more accurately classified as necessities.

As we look forward and start dreaming, we understand that the world we once knew so well has, like a river, changed. In fact, it seems to have been turned upside down, backward, and in some cases, inside out. It is going to take time, patience, and diligence to find our footing and relearn the path forward. As a company, we are committed to doing this and helping others do so in the process. We know we will have to address new questions and challenges, but our resolve is strong and we will use all our collective knowledge and resources to find clarity. We also want you to know that our entire team is here, working remotely, and each and every one of us is available and eager to help you start dreaming when the time is appropriate. Please call us anytime at (800) 552-2729.

We hope you all stay healthy, patient and kind, and find some respite and inspiration in the links we’ve shared below.

All the best,
The Fly Water Travel Team