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Tropical Isolation

As anglers, we are not strangers to spending time on the water alone. While we are generally a social species, our motives for fly fishing are sometimes driven by a personal desire for solitude and isolation. More often than not, it is these moments of true solitude, immersed in the natural world in pursuit of our quarry, that shine most brightly in our memories and that provide much meaning. But in the recent weeks, we have been taught that not all isolation is necessarily enjoyable and reminded that too much of anything is likely a bad thing. As we all do our best in these uncertain times, let us recall those moments when we savored the isolation, and let us look forward to the next time we can breath easy on the water. Below is a collection of some of our favorite images from saltwater destinations illustrating the fond moments of isolation.

Alone on the beach in Los Roques, Fly Water Travel’s Dylan Rose makes a cast to a school of bonefish that interrupted lunch break.

A single tarpon takes flight at Isla del Sabalo.

Christmas Island head guide Bita Kairaoi in a rare moment without a fish attached to his line.

A hermit crab makes the solitary stroll across the road in the village of Staniard Creek on the north end of Andros Island, Bahamas.

A local rigs up for reef fishing in Belize.

Fly Water Travel’s Andy Archer warms up his double-hauling muscles while taking in the sunset on the dock at Isla del Sabalo.

The Manager’s Flat at Bair’s Lodge is great escape to cast at bonefish, and only minutes from the main lodge.

Conway Bowman lights one up on a solo mission on the famed Paris Flat of Christmas Island.

A blue-footed booby flies in for a quick hello at Christmas Island.

Paul Holmes makes a cast at cruising bonefish from a hermit crab castle in Christmas Island‘s Vasquez Bay.

The talented Mr. Darin Warren plays the setting sun a lullaby on the roof of Tarpon Cay Lodge after an incredible summer storm.