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Fly Water Travel’s Cuba Specialist Jon Covich has been to Cuba more than 20 times and in doing so, has fallen in love with the country, its culture and people. Through his visits, he has been able to make connections and build relationships with local guides, organizations and individuals. These connections have now resulted in fully-customized trips that offer the best of Cuban culture as well as world-class fly fishing.

Below is Jon’s article “Cuba Culture and Fishing – A Tour That Has it All” and a selection of our favorite photos from his trips. While you browse the words and images, we encourage you to also listen along to the incredible rendition of the Cuban classic “Chan Chan”, popularized by Buena Vista Social Club, and played here by a selection of artists from around the world. Enjoy!

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“Cuba has a hold on me like no other destination. It is a magical combination of things, starting with a step back in time, vintage American cars, farmers plowing their fields with oxen and humble, hard-working locals using horse-drawn carts throughout the countryside. I continue to be enthralled with the resiliency and kindness of the Cuban people, working together, and helping each other navigate the challenges of their daily lives, always with a welcoming smile. These things have brought me back to Cuba again and again, with many more trips planned.

“I have always wanted my fishing customers to have more interaction with Cuban life than they typically get when on a week’s fishing trip. All too often anglers are quickly transported to their incredible fishing destinations and then whisked out of the country without seeing the historical parts of Havana or taking in a great Cuban band, and ultimately without gaining any real understanding of how Cubans live. Travel, at its best, should expose us to more than just the one passion and allow us to leave more fulfilled, more enlightened and more understanding of the people who host us.

“As a result of this desire to share the real Cuba, lots of legwork and a key partnership with an agency experienced in hosting cultural tours in Cuba, Fly Water Travel now offers the ultimate adventure for those wanting the full experience of what this remarkable country has to offer. I personally host all these trips and work closely with our Cuban guides on the ground. These trips are not overly fancy by design, but rather more representative of common Cuba. My experience in Cuba enables guests to actively engage and enjoy many of the smaller, more subtle elements of daily life that our guides might otherwise pass over. I am confident and proud of the relationships I have cultivated with our partners in Cuba, and together, we are able to change our itineraries as we see fit and fully-customize trips according to what each group desires.”

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