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Jurassic Lake Lodge, Argentina

If we were put on the spot and asked specifically where the most prolific 100 yards of trophy trout water in the world was, our response would be instant and our tone would be confident.  “It is where Argentina’s Rio Barrancoso flows into Lago Strobel”.  In all our years of fly fishing, we have never seen, heard, or experienced anything remotely like it.  Some label it surreal or incomprehensible, but for simplicity and accuracy let us call it the one and only Jurassic Lake Lodge.

While you can take our word for it, we wanted to share what our friends are saying about Jurassic Lake Lodge.  We hope you enjoy this trip report from our friends Corrine and Garrison Doctor at RepYourWater from one of their recently hosted trips to Jurassic Lake Lodge.

“Escape to Jurassic Lake”

by Garrison Doctor, RepYourWater

“Sitting in the rain shadow of the mighty Andes, the Patagonian steppe is a beautiful but austere landscape. Due to low amounts of precipitation and frequent high winds, it is hard to find any vegetation much taller than your knee. Seedsnipe call from the scattered boulder outcroppings and Black Chested Buzzard Eagles patrol overhead. Winding through this remote country is the Barrancoso River, a small river fed from the snow on far distant peaks. The river’s journey ends when it hits an old volcano caldera and forms the miles wide “Jurassic Lake”.

Technically Lago Strobel by name, it is our understanding that the lake was coined “Jurassic Lake” by some of the first fishermen to discover its rainbow trout treasures so they could talk about it without giving away its location. This has become a moot point, as the lake is fortunately or unfortunately entirely on private land and not accessible to DIY anglers. However, there are a couple of established fishing lodges that provide access to the lucky and adventurous anglers who make the trip. Corinne and I have stayed at Jurassic Lake Lodge twice over the past few years and it is a place that has become a home away from home. It sits exactly where you want to be, right above the river mouth overlooking where the river joins the lake, and the wine and food are excellent to boot.

The evaporation off of the lake is so constant and so intense that there is no river outflow, creating a “terminal lake” that is one of the most productive trout fisheries in the world.  Why?  Well of course a productive fishery starts at the very bottom and works up – the alkaline water creates a nutrient balance that supports a massive scud (freshwater shrimp) population…

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