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A man spey fishes on the Nordura River in Iceland.

Iceland to Open:
For those of you eager to get back to international fishing travel, we have good news from Iceland. On or before June 15th, 2020 Iceland will open its borders to international travelers.

Read the Icelandic news headline HERE.

Travelers will be required to prove a clean bill of health with a certificate from their departing country or get tested at Keflavik Airport upon arrival in Iceland. Testing in Iceland will require an extra night as results will take 24 hours. For this reason, we recommend travelers arrive in Iceland with their certificate in hand. Additionally, visitors will be asked to download a contagion tracking app, after which time they will be able to travel the country freely.

This summer may prove a truly unique window to visit Iceland, a country of 300,000 that typically receives over two million tourist annually. We work with a half dozen outfitters in-country that collectively offer our guests access to dozens of unique fishing venues. We offer a vast array of Atlantic salmon fisheries and trout fisheries in both fully-catered and self-catered venues. We also are proud to offer stays at Deplar Farm, which offers anglers, couples and families truly elegant accommodations, a huge range of multi-sport activities and private waters.

We currently have space at the following venues:

Atlantic Salmon
Deplar Farm
West Ranga
Lower Ranga
Grimsa River
Laxa in Dalir
Liera River

Deplar Farm
ION Beat on Lake Thingvellir
Liera River

Deplar Farm

Contact Ken or Max at 800.552.2729 for more information.


A man fishing at Deplar Farm in Iceland.

A man fishing at West Ranga in Iceland.