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The Moments In-Between

As traveling anglers, we often find ourselves witness to the thrills, heartaches, wonder and bliss of fly fishing adventures. In these moments, fly rod is traded for camera and we attempt to capture the scene to share with loved ones or jog our own memories later. While these exciting times are usually the most memorable, there can be long waits in between them, when a focused, active angler or a caught fish are nowhere to be found. Still, these non-fishing, in-between moments can be so beautiful and awe-inspiring that it would be a pity not to at least attempt to record for later reflection. These attempts often end up as half-hearted landscape shots, as the camera is set for a jumping tarpon or a hero shot and not dialed-in for scenic views, but every now and then the photo turns out and is one that truly resonates. Below are some our favorite ‘moments in-between’, a collection of memories from the fly fishing destinations that will always have a place in our hearts.

Taking a peak above the canopy from the Signature Canopy Suites at Copal Tree Lodge in Punta Gorda, Belize; one of the most unique and beautiful accommodations we’ve ever seen.

Staging sockeye in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

A flock of ibis take flight as a stormy day in Belize transitions into evening.

A beautiful fall morning on the Rogue River in the Pacific Northwest.

While on plane and headed for morning bonefish, the sun pops above the clouds at Mangrove Cay Club, Bahamas.

Morning mist rising from the Shishged River, Mongolia.

Slowly cruising and searching for tarpon at the Jungle Tarpon Reserve in a river you could toss a baseball across.

A tributary meets the main stem McKenzie River, Oregon.

Even a minuscule glimpse of the vast flats of Christmas Island sets the imagination on fire. How many bonefish do you think are in this photo?

Octopus fishing boats at rest as the sun rises over the tarpon-infested waters of San Felipe, Mexico and Tarpon Cay Lodge.

A squall clearning on the upper Nass River, British Columbia.