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Travel Healthy Guidelines

We represent the finest lodges and outfitters in the industry and are working with them to establish extensive cleaning and safety protocols to keep guests as safe as possible. Most destinations have taken steps dictated by their state or country or are in the process of doing so. While there will not be a one-size-fits-all policy for the 250+ operations we represent, we have established the following baseline processes destinations will need to meet in order to be deemed Fly Water Travel Healthy. Prior to departure, the guidelines below will be sent to the destination for verification and if the destination has a more extensive plan it will be shared with our guests.

We want to note that all current travel is going to entail risk and as always, we will give you our honest opinion and frank advice on where any destination lands in relation to this crucial subject. In all cases we are here to give you all the information you need to assess the risk versus reward to help you choose the destination that is right for you. When you are ready to travel, we will be here to help. For up-to-date policies of specific destinations, please call us at (800) 552-2729.


Fly Water Travel Healthy Guidelines:

● Goals:  Maximize guest, staff, and public safety. It should be firmly noted that these protocols are established to minimize – not eliminate – the chance of exposure to COVID-19. All destination travel will entail risk. Staff and participants may be exposed to known and unknown hazards.

● Upon Arrival: The operator will inquire regarding clients’ health (fever, cough, etc) and question their health history (positive tests or quarantine in the past). If there is a question about the health of the traveler the operator will reserve the right to deny entry to the lodge or camp.

● Transportation: Shuttle drivers and guides will incorporate safety protocols, including masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, and cleaning of hotspots upon entering and exiting vehicles.

● On the Water: It is mandatory for the guides and guests to wear a protective face mask at all times on the water. Rod grips and reels will be wiped down before and after every trip at a minimum. If the guide uses the rod, he or she will wipe down again before giving back to the guests. Guests are encouraged to bring their own equipment if possible. This same protocol applies to all gear the guest and guides touch: boat seats, PFD’s, oars, landing net, etc. Guides must carry a form of hand sanitizer (wipes or liquid) and have it readily available in the boat for use. Guide and guests are encouraged to use it frequently. Guests will be given a verbal warning about the use of saliva to assist in tightening knots on the leader and to avoid touching the fly, leader, knots, etc., if possible.

● At the Lodge or in Camp: Single accommodations will be used if possible. If this is not possible, guests should consider only rooming with other guests in their pre-trip group. The lodge or camp will be set up with social distancing in mind. This will include mealtimes, where staff and customers will maintain appropriate distances at separate tables whenever possible.

● Food and Beverage Handling: Customers can expect that staff will be wearing gloves and masks when preparing and handling food and beverages.


If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 552-2729.

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