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Henry’s Fork Lodge:
The news has spread that Idaho fishing is now open to non-residents, and we’re very excited to help anglers book memorable fly fishing experiences and to support our lodging and outfitting partners throughout the state. It’s no surprise, though, that some anglers are still wary about how they’ll stay safe once they have left home.

Henry’s Fork Lodge has implemented a thorough plan to keep guests and staff safe throughout the season. Some of the state approved changes are as follows:

  • Only lodge guests will be able to dine at the lodge, locals will not be able to dine-in for the foreseeable future
  • All staff will be tested for COVID-19 at the beginning of the season and will be monitored daily for symptoms
  • Employees have been trained in new protective measures around the lodge, and the lodge has a large stock of protective equipment and supplies
  • The kitchen and dining room have received approval from the Eastern Idaho Public Health Department for the new plan following safety guidelines moving forward
  • For guided days on the river the lodge will now prepare lunches, instead of the guides, ensuring that anglers’ meals have been handled in an approved facility


Contact Riley at (800) 552-2729 for more information