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Speywater – The ultimate Spey fishing boot camp for anglers keen on improving their skills.

If the name of this lodge seems biased, wait until you meet the guides! Located on the Grande Ronde River, near Troy, Oregon, this low-key, high-value operation is where some of the Northwest’s finest steelheaders and Spey casters congregate for two months of guiding and casting instruction. Renowned Spey instructor and Sage Ambassador Scott O’Donnell heads a crew of diehard steelhead guides who love the Ronde and the steelhead it sustains. As much a Spey casting and fishing school as a hard-charging guiding operation, this is the best place we know of to learn the art of Spey casting and improve your swing fishing skills. Now offering three distinct options on different sections of the river, Speywater Lodge continues to improve and impress.

For 2020, we have availability in the following options:

• Speywater Lodge Trips

The Speywater Lodge is on a productive stretch of the Grande Ronde, upstream of Troy, OR. This comfortable lodge is the ultimate hub from which to fish the Ronde in October and November. Eight guests stay in double occupancy rooms with shared baths, and meals are taken in the main lodge. Anglers will depart the lodge each day with their guide to float a different section of the river, getting out to wade prime runs. Lodge trips are great for the later part of the season when air temperatures make camping less than desirable. Additionally, the river around the lodge differs in character from the broader, more open river downstream, giving guests the opportunity to develop an entirely different set of skills centered around the technicalities of fishing deeper pools and pocket water. For more information on Speywater Lodge trips, click here.

• Speywater Multi-Day Float Trips

The multi-day float trips start the last week of September and continue through the last week of October. These trips cover the lower portion of the river and take out very near the mouth, where the Grande Ronde flows into the Snake River. For those who want to maximize their time on the water, these six-person, multi-day float trips are a great option. These four-day float trips launch once per week and access the lower Grande Ronde in Washington. Deluxe tent camps are set up on great home pools and move each day. These mobile river camps consist of large stand-up double occupancy tents complete with cots and vestibules and a 12 x 14-foot wall tent for dining. Each trip includes a night’s stay at Speywater Lodge on the evening of arrival. Optional day trips on the Oregon section near the lodge can be arranged before the float trip starts. For more information on Speywater Float Trips, click here.

• Speywater Spey School

Join Scott and his crew of die-hard steelhead guides at Speywater Lodge for four days of Spey instruction and steelhead fishing. Scott and his crew are master instructors and the Grande Ronde is the best place we know of to learn the art of Spey casting and improve your swing fishing skills. Scott’s Spey School is an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the best instructors around, while also fine-tuning a personal setup. The Spey School consists of two days of dedicated Spey casting instruction, followed by two days of guided steelhead fishing. This year’s Spey School is October 13 – 18. For more information, click here.

The topics covered include:

• Basic to advanced Spey casting techniques
• Basic to advanced swing fishing techniques
• Choosing a rod for the fisheries and species you’re targeting
• Line design and uses – Skagit, Scandi, mid-head, long head
• Reading steelhead water
• Pairing lines and rods
• Fly tying steelhead patterns