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Williamson River, Oregon

The key to the Williamson River’s giant trout lies in the hypereutrophic shallows of Klamath Lake where wild rainbows can grow to 20 inches in as few as three years. As the lake warms, these rainbow trout migrate into the cold flowing tributaries, the most notable of which is the Williamson River. A river of many moods, the Williamson requires the visiting angler to utilize every trick in the book and the rewards are worth it with many fish exceeding 20 inches and fish upwards of 10 pounds possible.

To best fish this remarkable system we have paired with a favorite guide, Paul McDonald. Paul is a Kiwi who guides winters at Poronui Lodge on New Zealand’s North Island and guides in Southern Oregon the rest of the year. He is top level predator, a great all around guide, upbeat and a true pleasure to be around. For anglers that don’t require anything fancy and enjoy long hours on the water, this two person program is a gem that we are confident you will enjoy.

Remaining summer 2020 availability:

● July 2 – 17
● July 22 – 27
● August 5 – 11
● August 15 – 20


For more information, contact Andy at or (800) 552-2729.