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Alaska is known for great rainbow trout fishing but also has true anadromous rainbow trout or “steelhead”. Things get blurred when we talk about the few locations within the state where lake run forms of Oncorhynchus mykiss exist. These fish look like a steelhead, act like a steelhead and are as big as a steelhead. Are they really steelhead? Does it matter if they pull like heck, cartwheel in air and make for memorable moments? Below you will see two of our favorite lodges for these “other steelhead” and their current availability.

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Rapids Camp Lodge
Located on the shore of the Nak Nak river, its lake run rainbows are some of the largest and strongest in the state. The Nak Nek is broad with a fairly high gradient. Covering the prime holding lies with spey rods and swung flies is a preferred tactic of Rapids Camp. Along with the home river, the Kvichak is just a short flight away and another top lake run rainbow fishery. With a lower gradient, easier wading and many even flowing runs, the Kvichak is a favorite for those itching to target these fish. With its proximity to the best lake run rainbow rivers in the state, and an adjusted price point package to take advantage of these unique fall fisheries, Rapids Camp stands out for to those wanting to target “the other steelhead”.

$7,795 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package with two fly outs
Note: full fly-out packages also available 

Available dates: September 18 – 25: 10 spots

Igiugig Lodge
Located at the outflow of Lake Iliamna, the start of the Kvichak River, Brad Waitman’s Igiugig Lodge is positioned in one of the most productive lake run rainbow trout locations in the state. Right out the front door anglers can swing flies with success and a jet boat ride gets one into many prime pieces of seductive water. Four of the days are spent on the home river, while two of your days Brad flies to other great rainbow trout rivers. One of his favorites being a short flight away and also harboring large lake run rainbow’s but in a smaller stream setting. With a capacity of just six each week the level of service is high and Brad’s 30 years of Alaskan knowledge has his guests in the right place at the right time.

Rate: $6,800 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package with two fly-outs

Available dates: September 19 – 26: 1 spot


Rapids Camp is a well-equipped and comfortable base from which to target “the other steelhead.”

A short ride (or walk) to prime fishing combined with two fly days, Igiugig Lodge stands out.

A couple of Nak Nek river dandies in the net and ready for release.

A Kvichak River “chromer” showing off its acrobatic skills.