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Natural Fireworks

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Fly Water Travel!

Dear Friends and Travelers,

Needless to say, it has been quite a year and we hope that all of you and yours have remained healthy, safe, secure, and sane. Despite the hardships and disappointments of the last four months, our staff feels lucky to have connected with so many of you. We are incredibly fortunate to work with such a quality cross-section of gracious, patient, and compassionate travelers. With parades and fireworks shows being harder to find this Fourth, we have put together some images showcasing the brilliant displays of colors that can be found as we travel the world in search of fish and memorable experiences.

Have a happy and safe holiday and thanks again for your support and friendship. As always, you may reach us anytime at (800) 552-2729.

All the best,
The Fly Water Travel Team

A Mongolian sun welcomes and warms anglers to the river at the Shishged Outcamp.

Alaskan rainbows, like this one caught at Rapids Camp Lodge, never disappoint with their beauty.

After long days on the water, anglers at Despedida return to the cozy lodge to rest up for tomorrow.

An extremely vibrant rainbow wrasse from Christmas Island.

Lupines surround Fly Water Travel’s Brian Gies at Owen River Lodge in New Zealand.

Reflections of an evening sunset surround the brilliant cheeks of a wild steelhead encountered at Bear Claw Lodge.

Magnificent northern lights across the sky at Igiugig Lodge. Photo by Abe Blair.

A close-up of an aptly-named golden dorado caught at Tsimane, Bolivia.

Another last cast on Argentina’s Rio Grande at Estancia Maria Behety.

The arctic char at Kangia, Greenland put on a color-show for willing anglers.

Fly Water Travel’s Europe Destination Manager Max Salzburg working a quintessential marble trout run in Slovenia.

Spawning sockeye congregate in a channel near Intricate Bay Lodge, Alaska.

The day’s adventures recounted over campfire and a cocktail at Emt Lodge in Mongolia.