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As of June 5th, the state of Alaska revised their travel restrictions include the option of a pre-travel COVID-19 PCR test in lieu of a 14-day quarantine to enter the state. With the reopening of the state comes some truly exceptional opportunities for anglers this summer – uncommon open dates at premier Alaska destinations! Below is the list of hand selected weeks based on the quality fishing and availability. For more information on current Alaska travel guidelines, click here.

For more information, please contact Fly Water Travel’s Alaska Destination Manager David Kalinowski at or (800) 552-2729.


Updated: 7/7/20

Igiugig Lodge

● July 18 – 25: 4 spots 
One of the most diverse weeks in Alaska and typically with great weather. Fresh sockeye salmon, chum and even a shot at the first silver salmon along with good rainbow trout fishing.
● August 8 – 15: 4 spots
A prime week during the sockeye spawn where catch rates of rainbow trout are high and fresh silver salmon enter many river systems.
● September 19 – 26: 1 spot
One of the best weeks for true trophy rainbow trout in Alaska with both indicator and streamer fishing taking large lake-run rainbow trout.

Enchanted Lake Lodge

● August 2 – 9: 2 spots
The first week of the sockeye spawn. Productive trout fishing and short flight times to many famous trout river systems from this great location within Katmai National Park.

Rapids Camp Lodge

● August 7 – August 14: 1 spot
A week where all the trout rivers around Bristol Bay are fishing well and silver salmon continue to enter many rivers.
● August 28 – September 4: 2 spots
A great week for trophy trout, with lake-run rainbows showing, nearly all the trout systems in Bristol Bay producing, large char increasing in numbers, and silver salmon still available.
● September 18 – 25: 6 spots
The best time for large, lake-run rainbow trout; anglers target them by swinging flies with Spey and switch rods. A steelheading-type trip with no blown out rivers and multiple encounters a day.

Intricate Bay Lodge

August 1 – 7: 4 spots
● August 8 – 14: 2 spots
Prime weeks for trout fishing during the sockeye spawn along with great options for silver salmon – the most fly-friendly of the salmon species.

Kulik Lodge
Note: 3-, 4- and 7-day packages available

● August 1 – 8: 4 spots
The first of the sockeye spawn in Katmai National Park systems means great trout fishing on the small streams, mousing opportunities on the home river, and the freshest silver salmon available.
● August 8 – 15: 4 spots
The sockeye spawn continues in more area rivers meaning high catch rates for trout and lots of fresh silver salmon.
● August 22 – 29: 4 spots
Nearly all the area rivers are seeing sockeye spawning and the trout gorging on eggs making for productive fishing. Silver Salmon are still available as well.
● September 19 – 26: 4 spots
A trout focused week with some of the largest fish being caught in and around Katmai Park. Fly-out days to lake-run rainbow trout rivers add to the trophy fish options.