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Patagonia Trout

Patagonia is a vast, wild region spanning the 40th and 55th parallels south. It is made up of both Chile and Argentina, and at over 400,000 square miles, it is more than twice the size of California. While its signature feature is the incredibly dramatic spine of the Andes Mountains, Patagonia is comprised of an unparalleled variety of landscapes, including arid high desert, glaciated granite spires, lush semi-temperate rain forests and virtually every bioregion in between. To fish all of Patagonia’s countless rivers, lakes and spring creeks would take the most dedicated angler multiple lifetimes, as it would to fully explore its mountains, coastline and trails. Regardless of whether you are a first time visitor or a seasoned traveler to these storied southern waters, we have compiled a sampling below of our favorite Patagonia Trout destinations that offer something for every dedicated trout angler.

Coyhaique River Lodge, Chile

Located just outside of the regional capital of Coyhaique, an area widely considered Chile’s trout fishing mecca, this first-class modern facility sets the standard for premier fly fishing lodges in Chilean Patagonia. The lodge’s program offers a diverse and exciting array of excellent trout fishing opportunities, including lots of private access fishing properties, as well as a wide range of outdoor experiences including hiking, mountain biking, rafting and horseback riding.

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Jurassic Lake Lodge, Argentina

Jurassic Lake must be the most prolific trophy rainbow fishery on the planet with rainbow trout that average over 8 pounds with countless fish in the mid-teens as well as good numbers of fish into the 20 + pound class. Jurassic Lake Lodge is located at the mouth of the lake’s only significant tributary, providing far and away the best location on the lake for anglers to put up big numbers of big fish virtually every day of the season.

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Route of the Spring Creeks, Argentina

This boutique, family-style fly fishing program provides an intimate experience for 2 anglers on a truly authentic journey combining the best brook and brown trout fishing in southern Patagonia with rewarding homespun cultural immersions, which results in some of the finest spring creek fishing experiences south of the equator.

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Las Pampas Lodge, Argentina

In many ways Las Pampas Lodge offers the ultimate Argentine trout fishing experience. Their remote location, diversity of waters, and 100% Argentine staff makes this a complete package that presents anglers with an array of diverse fishing options that would take weeks to fully sample.

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La Posada de los Farios, Chile

Widely considered the heart of Chile’s greatest trout fishing region, the fly fishing options at La Posada de los Farios are nearly endless — productive floats on the Rio Cisnes from the farmhouse’s front door, fly fishing hidden lagunas and spring creek tributaries, seldom-fished high country lakes and excursions into the coastal fjords are all on the table.

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Rio Manso Lodge, Argentina

Located deep in Nahuel Huapi National Park outside Bariloche, Rio Manso Lodge offers a host of activities led by exceptional fly fishing, with quality cuisine and elegant yet comfortable lodging surrounded by virgin waters and lush forests.

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Spring Creek Lodge, Argentina

On the banks of Argentina’s renowned Chimehuin River near the alpine village of San Martin de los Andes, Spring Creek Lodge boasts a combination of world-class fly fishing with comfortable, private accommodations centrally located within the heart of Patagonia’s most diverse and productive trout waters.

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Patagonia BaseCamp, Chile

Deep within the seldom visited Aysen Province of Chilean Patagonia, Patagonia BaseCamp is a special lodge perfectly suited to adventuresome anglers that take pride and pleasure in fishing off the beaten path.

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