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Umpqua Summer Basecamp, OR

Dillon Renton, head guide at Oregon’s North Umpqua Summer Basecamp, shared some words and photos with us as he recently wrapped up his 2020 season at the camp. We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions about this program or are interested in future availability!

After a couple months along the banks of the North Umpqua, our time on the river has come to an end for the summer. It is time for us to switch gears to the Lower Deschutes River, where we will chase steelhead and rainbows well into November. Its always exciting to move onto the next venue of the year but always tough to leave such a beautiful place!

As is common with a river like the North Umpqua, catching a steelhead this season required a lot of coverage, effort, and dedication. With low returns this season, there were plenty of days where the best of attempts were left unanswered. That is just the reality of the pursuit and the potential result we accept when anglers decide to swing flies for summer steelhead.

Past the obvious stakes and normal beat-downs that are presented by the North Umpqua, there truly isn’t a more amazing place to skate a fly in the lower 48. The combination of its history, the scenery, the variety of water, and the quality of the wild summer steelhead that return, is unparalleled by any other river that we fish or guide. Watching a steelhead eat a skated fly has to be a pinnacle experience in the world of fly fishing. While the time between steelhead might seem lengthy, hooking a steelhead on a dry fly is well worth the effort.

Fishing with people that understand the unique challenges of the North Umpqua, appreciate the beauty of the river, and enjoy stepping into each run with anticipation, is the reason we keep going. Its the reason we wake up well before dawn and continue to spin hair around hooks. Being able to release an incredible wild North Umpqua steelhead and to share that moment with another person is the highlight of my year.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this season. For those who have yet to come visit our Summer Basecamp on the North Umpqua, we look forward to the prospect of fishing with you one day!


Contact Andy at 800.552.2729 for more information on the Umpqua Summer Basecamp