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Fishing & Culture Trips

As travelers, we know well that the journey is often of equal significance to the destination itself. It is common, when reflecting upon angling adventures, to recall the people and communities we engaged with along the way more than the fish we caught. While there is indeed much to be said for ultra-remote and solitary expeditions, there is also tremendous reward in trips where the local community is as much a part of the experience as the fishing itself. We find that we come away from these trips with a deeper appreciation for the region, its people, history, cuisine, and traditions. Below is a list of some of our favorite destinations where anglers get to experience the utmost in both fishing and culture.


Fly Water Travel is proud to offer a unique and exclusive array of custom tours in the remarkable nation of Slovenia. The tiny nation of Slovenia (which borders Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary) showcases the grandeur of the Swiss Alps, the quaint charm of Tuscany’s wine country and crystal clear trout streams that rival New Zealand’s finest. Moreover, this small, exceedingly safe country of 2 million is among the most progressive, well-educated and greenest in the EU where the majority of the population speaks impeccable English. Slovenia is not only a mecca for fly fishers but also for foodies, wine enthusiast, cyclists, boaters, hikers, skiers and climbers.

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Makangoa Community Camp, Lesotho

Few know of the tiny country of Lesotho, fully surrounded by South Africa. Not only is it one of the highest average elevation countries in the world, but it is also home to great light-tackle sight fishing for yellowfish and trout as well as fascinating local Basotho culture. From the base at the Makangoa Community Camp, guests will be able experience the harsh beauty of the country including clear intimate streams, dramatic basalt cliffs, big skies, bearded vultures, and the occasional local herding cattle. Anglers will spend their days exploring one of five beats available to them along a 20-kilometer stretch of the Bokong River and will spend evenings overlooking the Bokong in traditional stone and thatch-built houses that have been upgraded to include modern comforts. For anglers who relish foreign cultures, true adventure travel, technical light tackle fly fishing and getting off the beaten path, the Makhangoa Community Camp could be the ideal place.

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Fly Water Travel is proud to be the exclusive North American agent for Alba Game Fishing. Together we are excited to bring you fully customizable tours of Scotland. These tours are ideal for couples that want to experience the warmth and hospitality of the Scottish people, see its most historic and beautiful places and sample a number of the country’s premier fisheries along the way. It is complete with historic cities, castles, islands surrounded with clear blue seas, lochs, spas, scotch and of course great private beats of fly water. It is designed for private parties of 2-6 people and includes a private driver and four star boutique accommodations.

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Kendjam, Brazil

Were the massive Amazon basin to have an Eden, it would be on the banks of the immaculate Iriri River. Home of the Kayapo people, the noble painted natives that inspired the script for Avatar, the Iriri, with its clear green waters, countless braids and rocky islands, is an other-worldly place that floats far above what most envision the jungle to be. Here adventuresome anglers can interface with one of the most fortunate and unaffected native groups in the New World as they enjoy the finest light-tackle multi-species fishing experience available. From the comfort of a deluxe native hardwood cabin camp, groups of six anglers will explore the riches of the Iriri by boat and on foot sight casting to a host of exotic jungle game fish including a unique species of peacock bass, wolf fish, pacu and jaturana.

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For the traveling angler, a trip through the wilds of Mongolia represents a spectacular angling adventure. Rich with native culture, stunning scenery, spectacular trout and grayling fishing, and numerous opportunities to hook the exotic and monstrous river taimen, these luxurious wilderness trips are unlike any other.

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Poronui, New Zealand

Poronui’s unique combination of world-class wilderness fishing, elegant accommodations, gourmet food and wine, varied non-angling activities and modern conveniences has earned them a devout and loyal following from around the world. Located near the center of the North Island, east of Lake Taupo, Poronui’s 16,000 acres are recognized as some of the finest and most productive trout and game habitat in the country, if not the world. Accommodations are simple yet elegant, with guest cabins offering the expected modern conveniences such as high-speed, wireless internet access. Exceptional local cuisine is complemented by one of New Zealand’s finest wine cellars featuring over 10,000 bottles of award-winning local and international wines. For non-anglers, Poronui offers a wide range of activities, including an exceptional equestrian program, stunning native forest hikes, mountain biking, gym and health club facilities, billiards, sporting clays, and a luxurious safari-style tent camp located a day’s horse ride from the lodge.

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Fly Water Travel’s Cuba Specialist Jon Covich has been to Cuba more than 20 times and in doing so, has fallen in love with the country, its culture and people. Through his visits, he has been able to make connections and build relationships with local guides, organizations and individuals. These connections have now resulted in fully-customized trips that offer the best of Cuban culture as well as world-class fly fishing.

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Join us to experience Tuscany in a special way! This trip is a fly fishing, hiking, and cultural tour that takes guests from the northwestern mountains to the southeastern hillsides of Tuscany and is perfect for couples, hardcore anglers, and family groups alike. Our experienced local Italian guides, who have spent years exploring and fishing in the area, will also lead us to delicious culinary experiences in farm houses and family-run vineyards during our travels. Guests hike through pristine forests, fish for trout in three famous rivers, savor delectable Tuscan meals with divine wine, and absorb the beauty and culture of this legendary area.

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Pluma Lodge, Bolivia

Tsimane Bolivia is and remains one of the greatest exotic fly fishing destinations in the world today. Tsimane has three distinct operations, Pluma Lodge, Agua Negra Camp and Secure Camp, all located within a 25-mile radius in the headwaters of Bolivia’s Secure watershed. The Secure watershed is one of the Amazon’s southernmost tributaries and its’ isolated population of large migratory dorado make it one of South America’s most unique fisheries. Pluma is considered the most deluxe and diverse of the Tsimane lodges. After landing at the Oromomo native airstrip, eight anglers will head up the Secure River by motorized super-dugout and then make a left turn up a tributary to the incredible Pluma Lodge. Pluma Lodge overlooks the Pluma River and has handsome double occupancy hardwood cabins as well as a main lodge where meals and cocktails are served.

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The spectacularly beautiful and rugged Pyrenees Range forms the natural border between northeastern Spain and France. They span 270 miles and flowing out of them, into the seldom traveled hill country of Spain, are 14 major river valleys and 60 remarkable wild trout rivers. Scattered throughout this sparsely populated region are quaint picture-perfect villages, wineries, castles, and cultural sites dating back thousands of years. This the home of Salvelinus, a remarkable fly fishing outfitter with two lodges, an incredible fishing program and polished staff of tour guides for travel companions who want to experience all that this remarkable region has to offer. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that a major percentage of Salvelinus’s guests are couples looking to fish as well as take advantage of the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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The United Kingdom boasts many historical references in both its culture and architecture yet none maybe more impressive than the fact that this is where the very sport we dedicate our lives to was born over 700 years ago. For many, fishing here is a right of passage as a fly angler. The town of Stockbridge is quintessentially old English and incredibly charming. The main draw for anglers is the crystal clear river than run through it’s heart – arguably the most famous chalk stream in the world – the majestic River Test. In addition to fishing, guests will spend time at the famous Mayfly Pub as well as time in Stonehenge and the town of Salisbury.

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For more information on any of these trips combining fishing and cultural experiences, please reach out to the Fly Water Travel office at (800) 552-2729.