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First Saltwater Trips

For most, fly fishing begins as a freshwater riverine endeavor. But as we progress as anglers, we become aware of more exotic and challenging locations and species, and we learn that there lay a plethora of opportunities in pristine, tropical waters. Stepping into the saltwater flats fishing arena often involves a steep learning curve, as the setting is drastically different, the equipment is heavier, the target quarry are bigger and faster, and the techniques are more demanding. But with greater challenge comes greater reward, and for those who set down the path of saltwater flats fly fishing, a lifelong addiction is quite possible! Below are our favorite destinations for anglers to visit on their first forays into tropical waters.


For more information on any of these saltwater destinations, contact Fly Water Travel’s Saltwater Destination Manager Dylan Rose at or (800) 552-2729.



Andros South, Bahamas

Variety is most definitely the spice of life on South Andros. If you like the thought of miles of easy to wade, white sand flats, hidden and unspoiled mangrove creeks, remote inland lakes and numerous locations that offer shelter from the wind, Andros South is ideal. Add to that remote, rarely visited cays that are home to schools of bonefish numbering in the thousands and expansive ocean-side flats that attract bruisers from the deep, and you will begin to see why this operation is confident in showing you a unique, quality saltwater fly fishing experience every day of your trip.

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Turneffe Flats Lodge, Belize

For years Turneffe Flats has been known as one of the Caribbean’s premier saltwater fly fishing destinations. The diversity of their saltwater flats fishing sets them apart from other destinations and the opportunity to catch bonefish, permit, and tarpon on a given day makes Turneffe Flats one of the rare spots to pursue a Grand Slam, the landing of all three species in a single day.

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La Pescadora, Mexico

La Pescadora is a small, family run operation located in Punta Allen on the Yucatan’s famed Ascension Bay. With a maximum capacity of only 8 anglers, La Pescadora is the perfect option for those seeking a casual, affordable and family-run home base for accessing the vast populations of bonefish, permit and tarpon of Ascension Bay. Together with her husband and head guide Jose, lodge manager Lily Bertram offers a welcoming and budget friendly operation that works with some of our favorite guides on the Yucatan.

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christmas island fly fishing

Christmas Island

The fact that virtually every flats fishing angler in North America has heard of Christmas Island is far from coincidence. Amidst the vast inventory of the world’s saltwater flats destinations, Christmas Island is a unique and natural masterpiece that magically combines all the elements critical to fly fishing success. Endless hard sand flats fishing, remarkable numbers of cruising bonefish and trevally, and consistent year-round weather await all who visit this unique atoll.

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Grand Slam Lodge, Mexico

Located 90 miles south of Cancun, Mexico near the small lobstering town of Punta Allen, Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge is a first class, boutique style resort created by fly anglers for fly anglers. Bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook and barracuda cruise an endless array of crystal clear flats, mangrove lagoons, channels and reefs within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Preserve. Anglers fly fish two per panga under the watchful eye of both a senior and junior fly fishing guide, maximizing your chances from the boat and while wading. Additionally, Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge offers hard-core anglers and novices alike the region’s most luxurious accommodations.

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Pesca Maya, Mexico

Operating within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Pesca Maya Lodge offers year round fly fishing opportunities for bonefish, permit and jacks. Tarpon season runs from April through October and snook season is from November through March. Anglers access the fishing areas in traditional Mexican pangas with two guides on every boat (one senior guide and one junior guide). While the vast majority of the fly fishing is done from the boat, there are also some opportunities to wade fish for bonefish and permit.

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El Pescador, Belize

Anglers at El Pescador have access to 400 square miles of inshore flats, running from the Mexican border south to Belize City, and from to the barrier reef west to the Belizean mainland. This vast fishery offers guests the chance to achieve the ultimate fly anglers’ dream – a Grand Slam of bonefish, tarpon, and permit all in one day. As one of the first fly fishing lodges in Belize, El Pescador has the benefit of three generations of guides, many of whom have been there for decades.

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