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Jungle Trips

For many the jungles of the Amazon Basin represent some of the last wild places on Earth. It is here that anglers come to test their skills against some of the most formidable fish on the planet. From dorado and pacu in Bolivia to arapaima and peacock bass in Brazil and Colombia to giant tarpon in Costa Rica, the Jungles will offer any angler – and their equipment – a great challenge. Below are our favorites.

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Pluma Lodge, Bolivia

Pluma Lodge overlooks the Pluma river and has four handsome double occupancy hardwood cabins as well as a handsome main lodge building where meals and cocktails are served. Additionally Pluma is very strategically located beneath the confluence of two world class systems, the Upper Pluma and the Itirizama. Downstream of the lodge there are miles of clear water on the main stem Pluma. Beneath that anglers can access more than 30 km of the larger main stem Secure by motorized boat. These lower beats are the biggest water in the Tsimane program and reminiscent in some ways of classic steelhead fishing. For hearty anglers Pluma offers one or three night trips to primitive out-camps on both the Upper Pluma and Itrizama. These camps represent the ultimate jungle adventure and offer unparalleled sight fishing for large dorado and pacu. Any and all of the many beats available through Pluma can offer the best fishing imaginable.

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Agua Boa, Brazil

Located in northern Brazil, the Agua Boa is remarkably clear, has white sand beaches and is more reminiscent of the Florida Keys than what most expect of the Amazon jungle. Overlooking the river is the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, the world’s first operation dedicated exclusively to pursuing peacock bass and other jungle species on the fly. The lodge provides anglers with a level of comfort unrivaled in the Amazon. Guests stay in private, air-conditioned bungalows with two queen beds, a sitting area, private bathroom and a porch overlooking the river. Home to world class bird watching and wildlife viewing, the lodge also features a swimming pool, entertainment room and other amenities suitable for guests. With over one hundred miles of fishable water, this is a premier peacock bass destination for discerning fly fishers.

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Colombia Afloat

Colombia is now on the move as a tourist destination, and Medellin is bustling, safe, and very interesting. Guests will overnight here before heading to the jungle, and the remote camp that Colombia Afloat puts in place each season. It is important to note that this is a camp, not a luxury lodge. So, although there are no mints on pillows, and wine is either red or white, our partners at Colombia Afloat have done a great job having a well-organized operation, and very attentive staff. For an adventurous angler, this has to be a destination near the top of their list.

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Xingu Lodge, Brazil

The Xingu (pronounced Sing-goo) River sport-fishing project is located in the spectacular wilderness territory of the Kayapo indigenous people in the southeastern Amazon basin of Brazil. The Xingu Lodge is the first location dedicated to targeting payara, the elusive and hard-fighting vampire fish. For years this has been one of the hardest fish for fly anglers to target, as there are very few safe regions where they can be found in concentrated numbers. With the recent development of the Xingu Lodge, located near Untamed Angling’s popular Kendjam Lodge, the playing field has changed, offering intrepid anglers the best opportunity in the world to target these savage fish. This eight-person camp will run from September through November when flows are lowest, and anglers will target fish with sinking lines while casting from both the bank and boats. If you have ever wanted to target these remarkable gamefish, this is the place.

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Agua Negra Camp, Bolivia

The Agua Negra Camp is a remote yet luxurious tent camp/lodge perched on a bluff overlooking the Secure River. Roughly 100 yards away is the small native village of Agua Negra, which makes this camp by far the most culturally rich of the Tsimane experiences. Here anglers will enjoy very comfortable double occupancy safari tents with attached baths as well as the comfort of the main lodge building where drinks and meals are served. The fishing will be done on the main Secure as well as on the Agua Negra River. The Agua Negra is smaller and offers not only big dorado but the region’s most forgiving terrain as well as the greatest diversity of species including large pacu, pira pita and the elusive striped catfish known as surubi.

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Rio Marie, Brazil

Deep within the Brazilian rainforest near the border with Columbia lies one of the most remote and exciting peacock bass destinations in the world. Officially launching in 2015, Rio Marié has lived up to its claim of being the greatest trophy peacock bass destination the fly fishing world has ever seen. Anglers enjoy true luxury accommodations on a purpose-built mothership that moves about to unfished water each week. With over 400 miles of private water and seasoned English speaking Brazilian guides, this is the place to target well-rested double-digit monsters. Be one of the first to experience this wild region that the locals refer to as “Rio de Gigantes”.

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Secure Camp, Bolivia

The six person Secure Camp is the furthest upstream of the three camps and focuses on the uppermost reaches of the Secure River. It is accessed from an airstrip in the little village of Asunta, where it is common for many members of the community to come out and have a look at the new arrivals, their clean quick-dry clothing and their big bags of gear and tackle. From there it is about a 15 minute boat ride upstream to the deluxe six-person tent camp. The camp features a handsome hardwood Camp with an open bar, Wi-Fi and delicious meals paired with excellent Argentine wines. Guests stay in deluxe double occupancy safari tents complete with attached bathrooms, hot showers, bedding and ceiling fans. From this camp you fish the productive waters of the Secure above and below the camp.

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Pirarucu Lodge, Brazil

Pirarucú Lodge is a new Brazilian destination whose primary focus is to fish over and catch an unprecedented number of arapaima – the often illusive, prehistoric and tarpon-like game fish that many consider the ultimate jungle trophy. Here anglers will fish in the Mamirauá Reserve, Brazil’s first Sustainable Development Reserve which totals more than 1 million hectares and was created first and foremost to preserve aprapaima and their habitat. In addition to the hard fighting, aerial arapaima, the reserve offers great fishing for timbaqui, a large pacu like fish, the exotic arowana and yellow peacock bass. The region is characterized by long chains of lakes and interconnected channels.

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Jungle Tarpon Reserve, Costa Rica

Northern Costa Rica’s Jungle Tarpon Reserve is a vast inland system of freshwater rivers, creeks and flooded lagoons surrounded by verdant rainforest and swampland. During the dry season the lagoons and creeks are reduced to nearly a trickle, but come August, the area literally springs to life. Runoff from surrounding volcanoes fills the creeks, rivers, and lagoons creating a vast inland sea teaming with migratory baitfish, monkeys, wading birds, and caiman. Somehow the primal tarpon of the Pacific sense this and journey over a hundred miles inland to feed on the bounty of the jungle’s flooded interior. The feast attracts tarpon of all sizes with the majority of the fish weighing 50 to 100 lbs. as well as behemoths in the 150 to 200-pound class.

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