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Our good friends Tana and Mike Powell just returned from fishing the Owyhee River in Oregon with guide Cory Godell and sent us this great trip report. Thanks Tana and Mike! We’re so glad you had such a good time.

Mike’s report:

My wife and I had only three criteria for our September fishing destination:

1) it had to be close to home so we could safely get there
2) it had to be strikingly beautiful and loaded with fish
3) it had to be a river with a name hard to spell.

Yep, the Owyhee River in Oregon fit all three. The added bonus was that our guide Cory showed a real passion for fishing, combined with patience and understanding. Simply terrific. He picked us up at Ontario Municipal airport, and after a short 40-minute pickup ride later, we dropped off our bags at camp, and headed another 10 minutes to the prime fishing spots on the Owyhee River.

The river itself is very accessible and despite numerous photos showing a river lined with seemingly impenetrable willows, there are well-trodden paths from the car to the river, in most cases 50 feet or less. Almost every place we fished had a few good solid catches, and on the last day we reeled in multiple browns per hole. Some fought like crazy; three of my fish took 5 minutes before I even saw first color. And what color, these browns are beautiful.

The Owyhee flows out of the Owyhee River Reservoir, and is cold and clear. Each day we fished half a dozen prime spots along the river, and there were some many more we did not have time to get to. There were other folks fishing as well, but there was no real competition for parking or fishing spots; there was plenty of room for everyone. This trip is one of the more rustic guided trips, as it is comfortable camping (yes, located right next to a cornfield, beside the Owyhee River), sleeping on cots. The food was hearty and delicious, cooked by our guide Cory, ranging from egg and sausage tortillas for breakfast, to tri-tip and gourmet beans for dinner. If anyone asks, it’s Cory’s fault we gained 5 pounds in three days.