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Wilderness Tent Camps

At Fly Water Travel we are unabashed champions of tent camps and true wilderness experiences. Sleeping close to water under canvas, cold clear night skies studded with countless stars, cots, campfires, whiskey from a tin cup, and the right mix of sweat, dust, and woodsmoke collectively add a clarity and crispness to the human experience that cannot be found in more civilized circles. From Mongolia to Montana, Chile to Alaska, we have sought out these special sanctuaries where we can fish hard during the day and enjoy friends and the natural world around the campfire at night. Here are some of our favorites.

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Futaleufu, Chile

Once you arrive at the gorgeous adventure base camp you will realize that you have stepped into your dream adventure travel trip. This will become your home-away-from-home for your vacation week in Chile – your own “safari-style” tented bungalow nestled into the cliff overlooking the turquoise waters and complete with warm down comforters and mattresses for your lazing pleasure. Every morning, after being delivered a hot cup of coffee or tea to your door, you will look forward to another day of fun adventures on or around the Futaleufu.

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North Fork Crossing, Montana

Guests of North Fork Crossing Lodge stay in deluxe double occupancy wall tents. Wood floors, electricity, heaters, plush beds, fine linens and dressers ensure that your “rustic” experience includes all the comforts you’d expect from a full-service lodge. The attractive log cabin style main lodge building serves as a comfortable gathering place and dining area after long fishing days. For serious anglers, friends and families looking for a unique and productive venue, this place has it all.

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Bear Camp, British Columbia

To say Bear Camp is a unique accommodation experience is an understatement. Bear Camp is a place where people and bears interact and live harmoniously. With 20-25 resident grizzly bears and another 80-100 grizzlies coming to visit in the fall to feed on spawning salmon, they built the camp on stilts. Your waterfront tents are elevated, spacious, comfortable and also serve as wildlife viewing platforms. Some call it “glamping” but we say it’s like an African safari experience with a Canadian twist. Best of all, guests are free to choose their activity of choice on a day-to-day basis.

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North Umpqua Summer Basecamp, Oregon

Oregon’s North Umpqua River is the quintessential Cascadian river– steep, swift, crystal clear, and incredibly beautiful. It is also an iconic American classic that has captured the souls of countless anglers and drawn them back year after year to test their skills against one of the most challenging and rewarding races of steelhead in the world. The North Umpqua’s 32 miles of “fly only” water are among the most radically regulated waters in the West and prohibit the use of weight throughout the prime summer months. For those who seek the challenge and rewards of catching a steelhead on a dry fly, this is the ultimate playing field.

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Jefferson Flywater, California

Northern California’s Klamath river has a long and rich angling history. Avid fly anglers have pursued salmon and steelhead on the Klamath for nearly a century, gaining the river worldwide recognition for the quality of its’ fishing opportunities. Today the Klamath boasts healthy populations of wild adult and juvenile steelhead and has possibly the lowest fishing pressure it has seen in decades. Jefferson Flywater is situated on the Klamath river’s least traveled waters. This permanent camp offers all the necessary amenities needed for the serious angler in a truly stunning section of river.

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Alaska West

The Alaska West camp offers anglers the best of the Kanektok River, namely legendary main stem fly fishing for sea-bright king salmon, chum, and silvers, and willow-lined side channels teeming with wild leopard bows, char, and grayling. The Kanektok river is by all standards a remarkably diverse fishery, perfectly suited to both single-hand and spey rod anglers. It offers one of Alaska’s best opportunities to target both king salmon and fresh silvers with the fly. High catch-rates, easy wading, and open backcasts are the norm. Alaska West is a large, luxurious tent camp set in the heart of the lower Kanektok river’s finest fly fishing water. Guests sleep in comfortable, double occupancy wall tents with carpeted floors, quality mattresses, heat and lighting. Hot showers, a large dining tent, a recreation tent, and a drying tent complete the scene. Anglers fish two per guide and move about the system in 18-foot jet boats.

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Nass River Steelhead Company, British Columbia

For anglers interested in fishing for wild steelhead in a truly remote wilderness setting, this program should be on your short list. Located north of the Skeena watershed, Nass River Steelhead Co. is an intimate four person camp tucked into an old growth forest on the banks of the mighty Nass not far from the confluence of the Damdochax. The nearest road is 150 km away and moose and wolves abound. In addition to five great runs within a short distance of camp, the camp fishes more than eight miles of water accessing key runs by raft and jet boat. Nass steelhead average 10-15 pounds but fish in the 20 pound class are not uncommon. These fish tend to be aggressive and when conditions align, catch rates can be impressive.

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Shishged Outcamp, Mongolia

The Yenisei River is the world’s fifth-longest system and the largest system feeding into the Arctic Ocean. While it has many headwaters, the Tengis and Shishged systems in the remote reaches of northern Mongolia’s Khuvsgul Province are unique and home to some of the world’s largest taimen. This program, designed by the local experts at Fly Shop Mongolia, is for true adventure anglers who want to experience Mongolia on its own terms. Guests will experience a long, interesting and somewhat arduous off-road overland transfer through a range of spectacular landscapes one direction, and an air charter flight back to Moron in the other direction. Once the Shishged is reached, guests will fish two distinct and remarkable systems with the help of local and international guides.

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Taimen Jetboat Camps, Mongolia

Located in the north central portion of Mongolia, the Vermillion’s taimen camps are well-appointed with comfortable 18-foot gers (traditional Mongolian tents) complete with wood stoves, electricity, tables, chairs, and wood floors. Additionally, all camps have hot showers, translators well versed in Mongolian culture, and exceptional American guides who will help you access miles of prime water via jet boat. Come participate in one of the most exciting and enriching angling experiences imaginable. You won’t be disappointed.

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EPIC’s Alaska Wilderness Safari

You would think that in a state as large and wild as Alaska that finding a truly remote, ultra-scenic location absent of competing anglers would be easy. The fact of the matter is that such places remain rather rare and unique, especially when coupled with their own little world-class fisheries. The aptly named EPIC Alaska Wilderness SAFARI is one of these hidden gems that has it all. Located on a pristine bay at the base of the Alaskan Peninsula and ringed by gorgeous snow-capped mountains, the SAFARI camp offers not only a stunning wilderness experience but some of the best fishing for sea bright salmon available. Offering walk and wade access to river, estuary and saltwater habitats, this deluxe camp offers a combination of creature comforts and true wilderness that few can match.

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Tanzania Trophy Tiger Safari, Africa

Tengo Camp (the main camp on the Mnyera River) and Samaki Camp (on the Ruhudji River) offers the adventurous fly fisherman the ultimate African fly fishing safari. Guests have access to over 120 km on two adjacent rivers, seven km of rapids and a unique fly camping operation which allows you to fish remote stretches of these unspoiled rivers. Luxury bush camps and mobile camping (tents are set up prior to your arrival) under the stars ensure that the African safari experience is as much a part of this trip as the trophy tigers you can expect to encounter.

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