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If You’ve Done It All

At Fly Water Travel, we take pride and pleasure in sharing and showcasing the world’s greatest fly fishing destinations. We love nothing more than hearing stories of fishy adventures from clients-turned-friends upon return from some far-off corner of the globe. For those anglers whose bucket-list is filled with check marks, we invite you to explore the following unique, intrepid, and far flung destinations.

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St. Brandon’s Atoll, Mauritius

Deep within the Indian Ocean, due east of Madagascar and 300 miles northeast of the island of Mauritius, lies an obscure and seldom visited atoll that may be the greatest bonefishing destination in the world. Scouted and eventually made accessible to fly anglers by the veteran South African saltwater outfitters at Fly Castaway, St. Brandon’s atoll is a wade fisherman’s paradise blessed with enormous hard sand flats and staggering numbers of huge bonefish. In addition to the incomparable bonefish resource, anglers will also encounter good numbers of Indo-Pacific permit, bluefin, golden, yellow dot and green spot and giant trevally.

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Silver Seekers, British Columbia

For anglers looking for short stays, great accommodations and most importantly, the ability to fly into the Upper Copper with an expert guide, this is the program. Head guide and lodge owner Jim Britton is a second-generation steelhead guide from the Bulkley Valley with more than 30 years of local steelhead guiding experience. Jim also has what few other have: the ultra-coveted rights and rod days to heli-guide the uppermost reaches of the Copper River. Were there ever a steelhead paradise, this is it.

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Colombia Afloat

Colombia is now on the move as a tourist destination, and Medellin is bustling, safe, and very interesting. Guests will overnight here before heading to the jungle, and the remote camp that Colombia Afloat puts in place each season. It is important to note that this is a camp, not a luxury lodge. So, although there are no mints on pillows, and wine is either red or white, our partners at Colombia Afloat have done a great job having a well-organized operation, and very attentive staff. For an adventurous angler, this has to be a destination near the top of their list.

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Xingu Lodge, Brazil

The Xingu (pronounced sing-goo) River sport-fishing project is located in the spectacular wilderness territory of the Kayapo indigenous people in the southeastern Amazon basin of Brazil. The Xingu Lodge is the first location dedicated to targeting payara, the elusive and hard-fighting vampire fish. For years this has been one of the hardest fish for fly anglers to target, as there are very few safe regions where they can be found in concentrated numbers.

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Nubian Flats, Sudan

Until recently, North Africa, and especially the coast of Sudan has never been considered a viable fishing destination. Political unrest in neighboring Southern Sudan has cast an image that has been badly portrayed and dampened the potential for Sudanese tourism. Along the Red Sea coast of Sudan there are countless islands and wide expanses of shallow water flats. These offer the adventurous fly angler a treasure chest of fly fishing opportunities. In 2013, Tourette Fishing began the long process of exploring as much of the coast as possible in order to evaluate the fly fishing potential. It didn’t take long to see the massive potential, as the flats were home to incredible numbers of triggerfish, Bluefin, GTs, Bohar as well as shots at bonefish and permit.

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Tanzania Trophy Tigerfish Safari

Tigerfish are an incredible gamefish, with speed, strength, aerial antics, and an aggressive nature. In the past, trophy tigerfish have been classified as fish above ten pounds, but this benchmark is shattered in Tanzania, with the average fish weighing just under eight pounds. Here, in the Mnyera and Ruhudji rivers, fly anglers have multiple shots at trophy fish on a daily basis, and have the opportunity to land tigerfish over twenty pounds. These two rivers flow through one of the world’s last, true wilderness areas, offering adventurous anglers an incredibly unique angling experience abroad.

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Los Plateados Lodge, Argentina

While there are a great many appealing and productive steelhead rivers in the world, the argument for Argentina’s mighty Rio Santa Cruz being far and away the most unique is near bulletproof. The reasons are many; its massive size, the harsh and surreal Dali-esque landscape through which it flows, the subtlety of its lies and structure and the trump card that it is the only true Atlantic steelhead return in the world. We have no real idea as to how many fish it holds but what we do know is that after more than a decade of commitment to the system by some of Argentina’s top guides, that its secrets have been revealed exposing a consistent and viable gem that might possibly be the last major river to be added to the cannon of steelhead classics. Like many steelhead rivers the fish here average 9-10 pounds but what is unusual is that one in ten of these fish is likely to exceed 20 pounds!

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Sette Cama, Gabon

Officially known as the Gabonese Republic, Gabon offers the most intrepid fly anglers an unparalleled adventure into the heart of West Africa’s most pristine and prolific coastal waters. With a backdrop of virgin tropical rainforests, angler fish barefoot in the surf, often into darkness, and also venture inland by boat to fish for some of the world’s largest tarpon. While Gabon is a hotspot for giant tarpon, it is equally if not more famous for a host of additional super-sized species including cubera snapper, threadfin, barracuda, and jack crevalle. This trip is for the most adventurous anglers willing to travel, seemingly back in time, to rough-it in an ecological Eden. Few of our offerings can compare to Sette Cama.

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Shishged Outcamp, Mongolia

The Yenisei River is the world’s fifth-longest system and the largest system feeding into the Arctic Ocean. While it has many headwaters, the Tengis and Shishged systems in the remote reaches of northern Mongolia’s Khuvsgul Province are unique and home to some of the world’s largest taimen. This program, designed by the local experts at Fly Shop Mongolia, is for true adventure anglers who want to experience Mongolia on its own terms. Guests will experience a long, interesting and somewhat arduous off-road overland transfer through a range of spectacular landscapes one direction, and an air charter flight back to Moron in the other direction. Once the Shishged is reached, guests will fish two distinct and remarkable systems with the help of local and international guides.

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Makangoa Community Camp, Lesotho

The Makangoa Community Camp is a one of a kind operation focusing on walk and wade fishing for yellowfish and trout in the mountain country of Lesotho, Africa. The camp is located high in the mountains overlooking the Bokong river and is a unique project aimed at providing sustainable tourism while conserving their natural resources. The community involvement not only ensures the pristine nature of the valley but also dramatically enhances the angler’s traveling experience.

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