What is happening and what we are doing to help anglers and outfitters navigate the crisis



What is Happening:

Most people fully understand that trips around the world are being cancelled. What is harder to know is how the different parts of the travel industry are managing these cancellations. In the fly fishing world, the vast majority of the operations are small, high-quality, family-run businesses that offer very personalized experiences. Many of them operate in remote locations that present considerable logistical challenges. Those that have had all, or portions of their season canceled are currently walking a fine line of generosity to their guests and their ability to stay in business. Like the trips themselves, these operations are all unique with different factors and financials to take into account. Accordingly, a wide range of policies have emerged.  While a very small number have been able to offer refunds, a good number have been able to roll all funds forward to the next season or seasons, and some have been able to roll forward only a percentage of funds paid. In all cases, the decisions have been excruciatingly painful and outcomes have been less-than-perfect for all involved. It should also be noted that travel insurance companies have completely sidestepped covering pandemic-related cancelations unless a "Cancel For Any Reason" policy was purchased.

What We Are Doing:

Here at Fly Water Travel, it is a busy time as we are managing every cancellation, as well as new inquires in our typical fashion, meaning one at a time with personal attention and care from our team. The big difference today is that the current situation has added many additional challenges and as such, requires considerable patience, kindness, and compassion from all involved. Here is what we are doing to help guests, guides, outfitters, and destinations alike:

  • First and foremost, we are here to help everyone manage their cancellation. We have equipped our team to work remotely so they can continue to help everyone navigate the situation.
  • We are having detailed discussions with operators around the world to make sure we understand the scope of the challenges they are all facing.
  • Our Destination Managers are consulting with lodges and outfitters around the world to help them craft booking policies that are as flexible and consumer-friendly as possible.
  • Once policies have been established, we are going through the steps of finding new dates and setting up trips for the future. 
  • Our staff is doubling down on understanding travel insurance to help our customers make the best-informed decisions possible.

We Are Excited To Announce:

  • Book Wise - For those who are ready to start planning their next adventure, this program will help you understand risk-free bookings, roll-overs, and rebooking fees. Click here to read more. 
  • Trip Exchange - A tool to help anglers and outfitters navigate the COVID-19 era. Click here to read more.
  • Travel Healthy GuidelinesWe have established baseline sanitation and health processes for destinations to ensure guests remain safe. Click here to learn more.
  • We are also actively mining all of our outfitter relations to find last minute and discounted openings as well as rare opportunities at exclusive destinations. Stay tuned for more information.




The World Awaits


When You Are Ready to Travel, We Will be Here to Help:

We have a deep and personal understanding that we are all eager to travel again but we also appreciate that each of us may need to re-enter the arena on our own timeline. While we don't know exactly when international fishing travel will be possible, we know that it will. We also know that when it does, it may differ significantly from the paradigm of our past. In looking forward to that time, we want to take the opportunity to clarify who we are and our role in the process of facilitating travel.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Fly Water Travel has always been, and remains to be, above all else, trusted service providers for a vast and varied cast of passionate, well-informed travelers. Our definition of success is based on our ability to forge and maintain meaningful, long-term, trust-based relationships with both our clients and the destinations we represent. We strive to treat all people, in all situations, with grace, compassion, generosity, and patience. It is our goal to always sell trips with the utmost integrity and help clients choose the destination that best meets their needs. Additionally, we do everything in our power to prepare clients for their trips by setting realistic expectations and informing them on all pertinent aspects of the destination and the equipment they will need.

Our Role:

We are in the business of connecting great people with destinations run by wonderful people. For travelers, our role is to help them sort through a vast array of global fishing opportunities to find the one that best meets their needs and desires. Once the destination is selected, we are there to guide them through the details and particulars of making that trip happen. For destinations and outfitters, our role is to be a strong and dependable partner. We are not here to make the rules or call the shots, but we strive to be akin to a favored advisor or a most valued employee. In other words, we do not run the shows but do feel our expertise can make the shows run better.

Fine-Tuning Your Bucket List:

We all have things that are on our must-do or 'bucket list'. At Fly Water Travel, we have always said our job is to help people find what they are looking for. In this time, we understand that what you are looking for may have shifted in subtle, yet important ways, so we are exploring all the ways we can help get you back on the water. If you are interested in drive-to destinations, single accommodations, one-on-one guiding, programs that offer your private party exclusive use, last minute values, friendly booking policies, or that hard-to-access exclusive destination, just let us know and we will do everything we can help.

Naturally Distant:

As a company, we have always focused on small, highly-personalized destinations. Our primary operations cater to 12 travelers or less, making them perfect for small private parties or families. As a result, special personalized touches like small group dining, outdoor lunches and private transfers can, in many cases, be easily accommodated. Please call us to learn more about the destinations that offer these private, naturally distant opportunities.


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