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No doubt you have heard the stories from wide-eyed anglers returning from the heart of the Indian Ocean. For those who have not yet been, the tales, while true, are hard to swallow: steady streams of large, aggressive bonefish flooding pristine flats, huge trevally and barracuda, mysterious schools of super-charged milkfish, and blue water rich with sailfish and wahoo. Often referred to in recent times as the best bonefishing in the world, the only downside to the Seychelles is that once you have fly fished here you will be forever spoiled. To complement the saltwater fly fishing is the unpretentious luxury of Alphonse Island Resort. Truly a world class resort, Alphonse offers guests refined international cuisine, tasteful waterfront chalets complete with private verandas, open-air showers, air-conditioning, en suite bathrooms, international direct access telephone, TV and mini-bar.

Additional experiences at Alphonse are equally rich. Guests can choose from a list of incredible activities including world class diving and snorkeling, sailing Lazers, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, wind-surfing, tennis, a grand pool, and a glorious beach that entertains the majority of the island’s visitors. 

The Seychelles sit approximately 1,000 miles off the coast of mainland Africa in the Indian Ocean.

Fishing Program:
Alphonse Island is part of the Amirantes group of islands and it is here that you access the St. Francois Lagoon. It is generally accepted that the St. Francois Lagoon has the best fly fishing in the Seychelles and arguably some of the best bonefishing anywhere in the world. Since Alphonse Island Resort opened in 2000, anglers have marveled at both the size and number of bonefish seen and caught during a day of fly fishing. One of the most unique things about this saltwater flats fishery is the way in which these bonefish travel. You will see singles, doubles, and small groups of fish in the 3-7 pound range feeding lazily over flats during the course of tide changes. It is a rare occasion when you actually cast to "schooling" bonefish, so you have the opportunity to select specific targets throughout the day! Even novice fishermen’s catch rates can be extraordinary while experienced anglers can expect to land more than a dozen bonefish per day -- often many more.

Anglers are ferried each day from Alphonse to the St. Francois lagoon (approximately 30-40 minutes away) and then transported to the flats in skiffs. These same skiffs can be used to access a series of channels and cuts around coral heads to fly fish for giant trevally. Although these are considered a bonus species, fisherman are encouraged to take along some heavier tackle to try these bruisers on for size. Other fly-caught fish include three species of triggerfish as well as many other reef and flats species -- you'll have a variety all day long.

Daily Fishing Program:
Most guests opt for an early morning wake-up call around 5:45 AM and breakfast is available after 6:00 AM. On the first day, you will be met at the Alphonse Island Fishing Center, where the team will transfer your equipment to the mothership. Bicycles are provided to ride to the Fishing Center. Alternatively, a golf cart may be requested via the hotel. You should arrive at the Fishing Center at 7:00 AM for departure to St. Francois. Please remember that if you are late, the rest of the group will have to wait for you. You will board the mothership and be ferried to the St. Francois lagoon, a 40-minute trip depending on conditions. The mothership is comfortable, air conditioned and dry.

St. Francois Island is uninhabited and the lagoon is about 7 miles long and 4 miles wide, consisting of firm white sand bottoms interlaced with channels and cuts. The number of people allowed to fish St. Francois lagoon is limited to 10 per week to help ensure that the fishery is protected from over fishing.

After entering the lagoon and mooring, you will transfer to skiffs, which are powered by Yamaha 50-hp motors and equipped with flares, flotation devices, rod holders, storage compartments, and coolers. Virtually, all fishing is by wading, however, should you wish to fish from the skiffs, the guides will gladly assist. Casting from the skiffs for trevally is productive in certain situations. They are also useful when hunting milkfish and invaluable once they are hooked. A packed lunch is provided by the hotel. An order form listing the menu selections is available in the fishing office. It should be completed and given to the fishing manager the afternoon prior to each fishing day. Two complementary soft drinks per day along with tap water are provided. Any soft drinks consumed over these two will be billed to your hotel room. Fishing days are approximately 8 hours, starting on arrival at the flats. If the entire group wishes to return to Alphonse earlier in the afternoon, this is no problem. Guides are instructed to stop fishing at 4:00 PM and return to the mothership. For safety reasons, all boats from the resort must be back in the  mooring area at Alphonse no later than 5:00 PM. Please honor your guide’s request to stop fishing promptly.

We can honestly say that the Seychelles is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Over 85 of its 115 islands are still uninhabited. Approximately 46 percent of the total area has been designated as nature reserves or parks, preserving the natural beauty for all who come to visit. Mountains faced with steep granite walls loom as the backdrop for countless beaches covered with fine white sand. Few other places in the world have such an attractive mixture of rain forest, mountains and beaches. The population stands at approximately 80,000, ninety percent of which live on Mahe, the largest of the islands. The people of these magnificent islands are of African, Asian, and European backgrounds, creating an interesting cultural mix. Three languages are spoken: Creole, French, and English.

To the southwest of Mahe is a cluster of three islands at the tip of the Amirantes group. Alphonse Island, Bijoutier (which means “jewel”), and St. Francois. Alphonse Island, home of the resort, is the only island in the group that is populated, and each day as you pass by the tiny island of Bijoutier on your way to St. Francois, you will feel like you’re stepping into another world.

Additional Experiences:
Diving, Snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, pedal boating, reef walks, nature walks, cycling, tennis, kayaking

Diving and Snorkeling:
Due to its remote location, rich currents and abundant sea life, the waters surrounding the coral island of Alphonse is teeming with a variety of marine life. Crystal clear warm water, unbleached and largely untouched corals, great visibility and a diverse range of fish species has become synonymous with both Alphonse and St Francois.

Snorkeling around Alphonse is suitable for all levels and all ages.  The snorkeling around the pirouetting coral heads within the safety of the lagoon is simply out of this world! Even a quick snorkeling trip will introduce one to various species of colorful reef fish. More often than not paths will be crossed with a Manta Ray or two, whilst turtles are almost sure to keep you company.

The fully equipped dive center at Alphonse and professional team of international diving instructors will make your experience at Alphonse resort a personal, safe and unforgettable one. The sheer drop offs, rich currents and abundant sea life that surrounds the Alphonse group of Atolls makes it one of the most exciting and diverse dive destinations in Seychelles. The pristine sites around both Alphonse and St Francois are famous for warm crystal clear waters, unbleached corals, great visibility and a diverse range of fish species comprising of reef, pelagic and shark species. Daily encounters with Stingrays, Turtles, Moray Eels, Barracuda, Wahoo, Sharks, Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, Trevally and many more make the dives extremely memorable. The thirteen Alphonse dive sites are suitable for all categories of divers, which makes the area an exciting experience for both beginners and advanced who will enjoy the various drift dives on offer. The various sites are easily accessible and vary between ten and thirty minutes from the dive boat mooring site. The dive center also offers scuba kids, discover, NDL diver, advanced and universal diver courses.

Accommodations and Meals:
Alphonse Island Resort is a fine hotel which affords those fishing St. Francois lagoon attractive accommodations comprising 10 standard beachfront chalets (all air conditioned), a main reception and dining area, freshwater swimming pool, Jacuzzi tub and outdoor shower. Bathrobes and hairdryers are also available. The resort consists of a central complex containing a restaurant, bar, kitchen, lounge area, snooker/conference room, swimming pool, hard tennis court, beach bar/BBQ area, and main office. Bicycles are provided for all guests, and a driver and golf cart are available on request. The atmosphere on the island is relaxed, so please pack lightly. Guests are encouraged to dress in a casual, but smart manner for dinner.

Prior to the building of the resort, the island was almost uninhabited for some twenty years, but it has a history of copra production and during that time it had up to 100 inhabitants. The island has its own reef-created lagoon with a nice beach where the hotel is located.

Seychelles is a friendly and peaceful country that is well policed. There is very little crime of any kind. Visitors are encouraged, however, to lock their chalet doors and to lock their cars and keep a watchful eye on belongings when swimming or touring on Mahe. While on Alphonse Island, it is advisable to lock chalet doors and keep all valuables, including money, credit cards, passport, etc., in the chalet's lockable safe.

Sample Itinerary:
Wednesday: Depart home(most US anglers fly trough Dubai)
Friday:  Arrive Mahe and overnight
Saturday:  Charter Flight from Mahe to Alphonse
Sunday - Friday: Six Full days guided fishing.
Saturday: Depart island for Mahe and points beyond.

Rates and Details

2020 Rate: $9840 plus $175 conservation fee per person for a 7 night/6 day package.  

Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, meet and greet in Mahe, round-trip airfare between Mahe and Alphonse Island, guided fishing with shared guide and skiff, park fees(fishing package).

Not Included: Airfare to/from Mahe, accommodations, and meals in Mahe, transportation services on Mahe (if needed), alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, staff and guide gratuities, items of a personal nature, including fishing tackle and any other items not specifically listed in the inclusions.

Species: Bonefish, milkfish, triggerfish, barracuda, giant trevally

Season: October to April

Capacity: 12 anglers

Map: Seychelles

Time: UTC/GMT +4 hours.

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