Bear Camp Rockies

Located just one hour north of Vancouver, Bear Camp is a multi-faceted wilderness experience perfect for families, couples, adventurers and anglers. The Camp offers authentic wilderness experiences including hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, wildlife viewing, stand up paddle boarding, boating, and wildlife viewing paired with incredible scenery, great food and wonderful hospitality.

To say Bear Camp is a unique accommodation experience is an understatement.  Bear Camp is a place where people and bears interact and live harmoniously. With 20-25 resident grizzly bears and another 80-100 grizzlies coming to visit in the fall to feed on spawning salmon, they built the camp on stilts. Your waterfront tents are elevated, spacious, comfortable and also serve as wildlife viewing platforms. Some call it “glamping” but we say it’s like an African safari experience with a Canadian twist. Best of all, guests are free to choose their activity of choice on a day-to-day basis. 

Located due north of Vancouver, this massive alpine wilderness is tucked on the dry side of the Coast Mountain ranges and spans five different bio-geo-climactic zones hosting abundant wildlife. Home to one of the biggest salmon runs in the world, Chilko Lake is the spawning ground for millions of fish. This salmon biomass brings grizzly bears to the table and this in turn creates a “salmon forest” where the recycled nutrients from the fish fertilize the soil. Giant fir trees, groves of trembling aspen, alpine fescue and majestic stands of spruce trees surround a spectacular glacial lake that is so clean you can drink from it.

Hiking: there are an endless number of great trails accessible right from Bear Camp.  Green Lake offers pretty mellow terrain for stretching one’s legs, while Mt Tullin is a challenging hike with 360 degree views.  Heli hiking can also be arranged at additional expense (but is worth every penny) and visits a number of valleys and nearby glaciers.

Kayaking: Chilko Lake is one of the world’s premiere alpine lake destinations where you can explore by boat in total tranquility.  Surrounded by massive glacier-capped peaks and a road-less wilderness, you will spend the days paddling the lake and picnicking on sandy beaches.  Days are long but the alpen glow sunsets are worth the wait!  During bear viewing season, most of the bruins congregate right at our doorstep so we do not have to paddle far to watch bears feeding on Mother Nature’s bounty.

Horseback: Friendly horses and astute wranglers can tailor rides for all abilities on mountain trails, through fields of wildflowers, or riverside to beautiful waterfalls.  You’ll soon know what we mean by “happy trails”.  We utilize incredibly fit and well cared for mountain horses that will get you to places unimaginable.

Fishing: The Chilko region is utopia for anglers of all abilities.  Draining the main lake, the Chilko River’s waters never cloud and fishing is superb throughout the season. The river is “fly fish only, catch and release” and we have jon and drift boats and all the necessary gear to wade and fish this pristine waterway.  We can teach beginners to fly fish or you can take a spin rod on the lake, the choice is yours.

Mountain Biking: Flowing single track, winding dirt roads, coasting along the rivers edge or gliding through pine-scented forests, we’ve got it all.  Our fleet of Kona mountain bikes comes with vehicle support and a knowledgeable guide.  What more could you want?  Eliminate the hills?  We can do that too!

River Float or Paddle: floating right from Bear Camp, we can travel a half-day (10 miles) or an entire day (21 miles with a picnic lunch) by raft or inflatable kayak (aka “ducky”) and navigate some fun and scenic water that is still appropriate for little ones.

Drift Boat: for the ultimate in scenic rides – and ideal for photographers – try a dory ride on this breathtaking stretch.  In a drift boat you get a fun ride but soak up the scenery instead of waves.  Our drift boat is also ideal for fly fishing outings and during salmon season, the dories provide an unobtrusive way to float among the bears.

Bushcraft: there are many options for paddling, fishing, hiking or biking but one of the big highlights of this trip is the option for “bushcraft”.  This involves a hike or drive up to Scotty Meadow to meet, 75 year old survivalist expert, Mike Yates, a.k.a. “Grizz”.  Mike ran a survival school for decades and was better known as the Marlboro Man for the cigarette manufacturer’s advertising series in Europe and abroad.  Participants will see how to live off-the-grid, learn about plants and wildflowers as well as learn about constructing traditional log homes.  By the day’s end you will be ready to face even the worst zombie apocalypse…or at least light a fire and build shelter!

Whitewater Rafting: Try our Bear Camp Combo package that adds a 3 night Chilko River Expedition or try a Lava Canyon mini adventure for 2 days/1 night.

The Lava Canyon section of the Chilko River offers the longest stretch of commercially navigable whitewater in North America.  Unmatched in its diversity and enormous stretches of continuous Class IV whitewater, you will be treated to rollicking hydraulics and towering standing waves that cascade for more than 18 miles through deep and narrow lava gorges.

Accommodation and Meals: 
The heart of Bear Camp is a 1954 log fishing & hunting cabin that has been renovated with some modern funk to compliment the vintage charm.  Surrounding the cabin are your safari-tent platforms, perched along the waterline, 16 feet in the air. Walk over 400’ of deck-front as you watch grizzly bears feast on salmon right below you. Guests enjoy hot showers, flush toilets, cozy wood stove and delicious chef-prepared meals making this a remarkably comfortable wilderness paradise.

In your tent you will find either a king bed or two double beds, piled with warm down duvets, BC-made recycled pine furniture, reading lamps, charging docks for your devices and plush towels. Each day begins with coffee delivery right to your tent!

Rates and Details

2019 Rates: $3,495 per person for a 7 night / 8 day package, $2,495 per person for a 4 night / 5 day package, $1,995 per person for a 3 night / 4 day package.

Included: Deluxe safari tent accommodation, all meals, all drinks including beer and house wine, guided activities, park fee and permits.

Not Included: Transportation to and from Bear Camp, Massage, heli hiking or heli fishing, premium wine, staff and guide gratuities. 

Species: Rainbow trout, bull trout

Season: June - September

Capacity: 14 guests

Map: Chilko Lake, BC

Time: Pacific Standard Time

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Feb 21, 2019

Bear Camp, BC – Where Outdoor Experiences for all Abound

BC’s Bear Camp offers the most dramatic and diverse array of wilderness experiences in the West, making it the ultimate outdoor venue for families, couples, adventurers and anglers alike. At its heart, Bear Camp is a wonderfully unique grizzly bear viewing camp where guests live and interact with 20-25 resident grizzlies and an additional 80-100 […]
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