Emt Lodge Mongolia

Located in the sensuous rolling hills of north-central Mongolia, Emt lodge is Mongolia's newest offering. The vast Eg River system has long been Mongolia’s most famous taimen fishery, but today, with the help of Fly Shop Mongolia, we are proud to debut a diverse new program that will show guests arguably the best-mixed trout and taimen fishing the region has to offer. The first two weeks of their season will be based primarily out of their up-river ger camp on the Tavt river and the later two weeks of their season will headquarter out of the large main lodge in the middle section of the Eg River. Both programs will offer guests access to smaller systems that offer truly remarkable dry fly fishing for lenok and grayling. While the Eg is arguably the most prolific taimen fishery in Mongolia, catching trophy taimen is always a somewhat unpredictable proposition. Accordingly, we encourage guests to dedicate time to specifically fish for trout at both of the sister programs, virtually guaranteeing some of the most enjoyable and prolific fishing imaginable. Additionally, Emt lodge is an ideal four-day add-on trip to the renowned Tengis-Shishged program. These trips will combine trout and taimen fishing with a range of cultural experiences including visiting a nomadic family, setting up a ger, horseback riding, a cultural evening with music and singing, and a tradition hot-rock barbeque known as horkhog. These trips can be arranged either before or after a trip to the Tengis-Shishged Outpost.  

Fishing Program:
The fishing program at Emt lodge is based around three species. The hallowed Mongolian taimen, the Asian trout known as lenok and grayling. Collectively we refer to lenok and grayling fishing as trout fishing and it tends to be incredibly good and perfectly suited to four and five weight tackle, dry lines and terrestrial dry flies. Angler are to free to focus exclusively on trout fishing or taimen fishing but we feel strongly that the best overall Mongolian experience will result from spending focused time enjoying both distinct fisheries with the appropriate tackle and techniques. 

For the first two weeks of the season, up to six guests will focus their fishing out of the ger camp on the Tavt River. The Taft is a lovely remote river located roughly 2.5 hours by off-road vehicle upstream of Emt Lodge. Taft offers great trout fishing and also has resident taimen. Most of the focused trout fishing will happen on the Tavt and most of the focused taimen fishing will happen on the Eg upstream of the confluence of the Tavt. The taimen typically range from 28 to 50-inches long with fish of 40 or more inches considered a great catch. Fish that reach 50 inches or more are exceptional trophies that few anglers are lucky enough to land, and when caught the vodka will flow back at camp. 

For the second two weeks of the season, guests will stay exclusively at the Emt lodge focusing their taimen fishing on the main Eg. Roughly 50 minutes north of the lodge by off-road vehicle guests at Emt Lodge can fish the Marmot river for trout. This will be all walk and wade fishing in relatively small water where crossing is possible in many spots. This is a truly remarkable trout fishery and a day spent throwing a hopper here will be an incredibly rewarding day never to be forgotten. 

When fishing for taimen at both camps, guests will move about in inflatable jet boats with outboard motors. The majority of fishing will be done from the boat but there will be some wade fishing opportunities for those that request it. Single hand rods in line weights eight and nine are the best tools for fishing from the boat and Spey rods can be used in wade fishing situations. The vast majority of fishing entails casting very large flies, and often stripping them. Very large dry flies like skating rats are also very popular and effective. Guides will be a combination of American professionals and local Mongolian guides in training. Together this will make for great mix on and off the water. 

Additional Activities: 
All guests at Emt lodge have an opportunity to sample and experience a range of cultural activities. These activities will be woven into virtually all of their four-day Culture and Fishing programs. They include visiting a nomadic family, setting up a ger, horseback riding, a cultural evening with music and singing, and a traditional hot-rock barbeque known as horkhog. These trips can be arranged either before or after a trip to the Tengis-Shishged Outpost. 

Accommodations and Meals:
Emt lodge is a large gracious facility overlooking the Eg River. It features a main kitchen/dining building with a porch, a covered outdoor sitting area, lots of cabins with various configurations, and a large coed bathroom/shower facility. All of these buildings are connected with paved and lighted walkways and they also have a great fire pit overlooking the river. Emt lodge is Mongolian owned and operated by Fly Shop Mongolia and as a result, is distinctly Mongolian in all the right ways. Guests visiting during the first two weeks of the season will spend their first and last night at Emt lodge and all other nights at the more rustic/traditional ger camp on the more remote Tavt river. This camp will take up to six guests per week and will consist of double occupancy gers with nice bedding, wood-burning stoves, and battery power lights. Meals will be served in the main dining ger and there will be a simple shower tent as well as simple tented outhouses.   

At both operations, meals will be simple hearty and have an authentic Mongolian flare. Red meat is the base of nearly every meal and contrary to some popular beliefs, their cuisine is mild. Breakfasts are a bit more western with eggs, toast pancakes as assorted meat side dishes.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar - Overnight
Day 2: Fly to Moron. Drive roughly three hours to Emt Lodge. 
Day 3: Transfer 2.5 hours to Tavt camp and fish a half-day or for the later season weeks, fish a full day out of Emt Lodge.
Day 4-7: Four full days fishing. 
Day 8: Fish a shortened full day at Tavt and transfer back to Emt or fish a full day at Emt. 
Day 9: Depart Emt Lodge for a commercial flight from Moron to Ulaanbaatar. Overnight in Ulaanbaatar.  

Day 10: Depart Ulaanbaatar for Home.    

Rates and Details

2020 Rate: 5,950 USD for a 10 night/ 6 day fishing package
$2,500 for a four night/3 day culture and fishing package (when combined with the Tengis-Shishged Outpost program)

Included: Accommodations and breakfast in Ulaanbaatar on arrival and departure day, all transportation within the country, accommodations, meals and beverages including water, soft drinks and vodka camps camp, guided fishing, fishing license, and conservation fee.

Not Included: Airfare to/from Ulaanbaatar, other meals and incidentals in Ulaanbaatar, mandatory medical evacuation coverage, staff and guide gratuities.

Species: Taimen, lenok, grayling

Season: September and early October

Capacity: 6 anglers

Map: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Time: The time in Mongolia is 15 hours later than Pacific Standard Time