Kangia River Camp, Greenland Europe

If you thought that all the truly pristine fish-filled rivers had been discovered, think again. Located on the ultra-remote southwestern coast of Greenland, the new Kangia Camp literally blew the minds of the lucky anglers that were part of their inaugural 2017 season. Why? Consider the following. Greenland is the largest island on earth and also the world’s least-densely populated country with less than 57,000 total inhabitants. It is 1/5th the size of the US with twice the coast- line and countless untouched rivers, many of which have huge summer runs of supercharged sea-run Arctic char. Among the finest of these rivers found to date is the Kangia, a spectacularly beautiful and pristine system with fish that average 5 to 7 pounds and top 10 pounds on a regular basis. It is here that Solid Adventures has set up their latest venture, Kangia River Camp.

Their season runs from mid-July through the first week of September. In the early weeks the fish tend to be big, bright and strong and as the season progresses, more and more fish arrive, sometimes stacking three deep in pools. Catch rates tend to be very high, enabling some guests to fish top-water flies and gurglers the entire week. Furthermore, many guests had trouble conveying with words the magnitude and wild beauty of the surroundings. With all of this, it needs to be clearly noted that this is a primitive wilderness camp with very few amenities. All guests hike an average of 45 minutes to reach the most productive stretch of the river each morning, and typically hike a greater distance to return to camp each evening. Fitness and a fondness for roughing it are absolutely mandatory for all wanting to experience one of today’s most pristine and productive freshwater-angling adventures.

Fishing Program:
When it comes to landscape, scenery, catch rates and fish size, Kangia is in a class by itself. Moreover, this river is ideally built for fly anglers — it has cut-banks, rapids, slow deep pools, pocket water and a tidally influenced delta all within reach. Anglers have free range of four miles of great water between the estuary and a waterfall which is impassible to the migrating char. Guests should be prepared walk 4-8 miles a day to access the best fishing. Most guests elect to bring a pack and hike up to the mid-river tent shelter before changing into waders and boots. The Camp has two guides for 12 guests. The guides will be there to help show you around and in case of emergencies but anglers should be largely self-reliant.

Accommodations and Meals:
Kangia River Camp is located on a plateau overlooking the river’s delta. The location provides spectacular views of their sea pool and a sheltered bay where the river meets the Atlantic. The camp is a very basic structure that accommodates up to 12 anglers, a small local staff and the guides. If you envision the level of amenities as just one step above camping you will be happy and well prepared. There are six small rooms with bunk beds, one communal bathroom with two toilets and a shower (conspicuously placed in the middle of the room and lacking in privacy) and a snug dining area. Heat, lighting and charging stations are limited. There is also a small veranda overlooking the river mouth and valley below, where guests gather for stories and drinks. Two miles upriver from main camp in the midst of the best fishing area, there is a tent that serves as a changing station and offers a bit of shelter during the fishing day. Meals at the lodge are a combination of basic continental and local fare. We encourage guests to bring snacks (bars, nuts, etc.) as you will expend a lot of energy hiking each day. Guests can fill water bottles or drink directly from numerous springs, smaller creeks or the river.

Day 1: Arrive Maniitsoq, Greenland and transfer to camp
Days 2-7: Full days of semi-guided fishing
Day 8: Transfer back to Manitsoq, overnight
Day 9: Depart Maniitsoq

Rates and Details

2020 Rate: €4,490 per person for a 7 night/6 day package   

Included: Accommodations and meals at lodge, guiding, fishing license, transfers between Manitsoq and the lodge, limited beer.
Not Included: Airfare to/from Maniitsoq, meals/drinks and last night hotel in Manitsoq, hard alcohol, staff and guide gratuities

Species: Arctic char, cod, halibut 

Season:  Mid July - Early September 

Capacity: 10 guests 

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