Bear Claw Lodge British Columbia

The Kispiox is a steelhead river of subtle moods, endless secrets, and staggering rewards. The family of head guide Jim Allen first homesteaded in the valley four generations ago in 1906. Since that time they have become as much a part of the Kispiox River as the river has become a part of them. When you are with Jim Allen and his crew of talented fly fishing guides, all of whom call the Kispiox River home, you are in very good hands.

Clients enjoy the lavish comforts of spacious, double occupancy rooms in the newly constructed Bear Claw Lodge. A massive timber frame structure with panoramic views of the upper Kispiox River, Bear Claw has set a new standard for elegance in the Skeena River watershed. Each day anglers float different sections of the Kispiox River in rafts and swing flies through a remarkable variety of water that is home to some of the largest steelhead in the world. In addition to the Kispiox River, anglers have the option of fishing the Skeena and lower Bulkley Rivers, depending on conditions. For all who appreciate skilled guides, fine accommodations and a shot at some of the world’s largest wild steelhead, this is the place.

Location:Bear Claw Lodge is located 63 km up the Kispiox River in central British Columbia. The lodge overlooks the river in a very remote location.

Fishing Program: The Kispiox is a Skeena River tributary and one of the most famous steelhead fly fishing rivers in the world. From late August through mid-October, the Kispiox River is an excellent dry fly and greased line fishery and as the season progresses and water temperatures drop, anglers spend more time fishing a variety of sink tips (Note: Many Kispiox anglers fish with sink tips regardless of time of year). The steelhead fly fishing can remain excellent through the second week in November and later if water conditions permit. Kispiox River steelhead are known the world over for their size and range from 7 to well over 30 pounds, with the average steelhead typically weighing in around 13 pounds. Small two person rafts are employed to access steelhead water, but all fly fishing is done while wading. The Kispiox River has over 50 miles of fishable steelhead water that varies greatly in nature. We personally find it among the most interesting rivers in the region. Guests at Bear Claw Lodge may also have the option of fishing the main-stem Skeena River and the lower Bulkley River. Anglers will fish two per guide unless specified otherwise. All Kispiox River steelhead are wild and must be released unharmed as quickly as possible. Head guide, Jim Allen, and his crew offer skilled hands-on instruction in all elements of the sport. Also please feel free to inquire about shorter stays. 

Accommodations and Meals: Bear Claw Lodge is an elegant timber frame structure overlooking the remote upper reaches of the Kispiox River. The lodge can accommodate up to 8 guests. All anglers share rooms with king sized beds and attached private baths. Each angler has his own king size bed. All and all, Bear Claw ranks among the finest angling accommodations in all of BC. Additional amenities include a hot tub, wader drying room, lodge computer with internet access and a satellite phone (usage not included).

Meals at Bear Claw Lodge are as impressive as the accommodations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are printed each day and dinners are accompanied by fine wines. Streamside lunches are accompanied by hot soups.

Sample Itinerary for a 7 Night / 6 Day Package:
Day 1: Arrive Smithers and overnight.
Day 2: Picked up in Smithers and driven to Bear Claw Lodge (about 1 hour, 45 minutes). Fish home water unguided.
Days 3-8: Six full days guided fishing.
Day 9: Transfer in the morning to Smithers Airport for flight home.

"I would categorize the whole experience as excellent. We had a very happy, welcoming and friendly reception and I would recommend it to anyone who likes hard fishing with knowledgeable, enthusiastic and extremely helpful guides. Wonderful food and atmosphere, comfy beds, friendly dogs. Absolutely first class service, with a smile! All in all, possibly exceptional"! A.M., UK

Rates and Details

2020 Rate: $8,008 per person for a 7 night/6 day package

Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, morning round-trip transfers between Smithers and the lodge, guiding, house wine and alcohol, flies, BC taxes.

Not Included: Airfare, lodging and meals in Smithers, arrival and departure taxes, satellite phone charges, fishing licenses, laundry, staff and guide gratuities.


Species: Steelhead

Season: August – early November

Capacity: 8 anglers

Map: Smithers, BC

Time: British Columbia time is the same as U.S. Pacific Time Zone.

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Bear Claw Lodge The Kispiox is a steelhead river of subtle moods, endless secrets, and staggering rewards. The family of head guide Jim Allen first homesteaded in the valley four generations ago in 1906. Since that time they have become as much a part of the Kispiox River as the river has become a part […]
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Bear Claw Lodge, B.C.  The Kispiox is a steelhead river of subtle moods, endless secrets, and staggering rewards. The family of head guide Jim Allen first homesteaded in the valley four generations ago in 1906. Since that time they have become as much a part of the Kispiox River as the river has become a […]
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