Northern Wilderness Float Russia

The Northern Wilderness Floats in Kamchatka are operated on easily the least-fished rainbow trout rivers in the world. These floats take place on a series of six different streams in northern region of the Kamchatka peninsula. Each river is fished only once, at most twice a year. This ensures that every fish in the river has probably never seen an artificial fly, let alone been hooked. This drainage is one of the most biologically diverse drainages on the peninsula, with all 6 species of Pacific salmon (including Cherry Salmon only found in the Far East), rainbow trout, resident kundzha, and sea-run Dolly Varden, both of the latter being species of char. This spring creek ecosystem is particularly rich with insect, mouse, and salmon biomass that feed an exceptionally dense population of native rainbow trout. This trip is best suited to the adventurous angler that appreciates limited amenities and creature comforts but want the most exclusive fly fishing possible.

Location: A 3 to 4 hour helicopter flight north of Petropavlovsk

Fishing Program:
The Northern Wilderness angling program employs a guide rotation system, so each group of two anglers spends two days with each guide. Staff consists of one Western head guide and two Russian guides. The head guide is a talented professional with years of Russian and/or other international camp management experience. They are selected not just for their significant on-water talents, but as curious, enthusiastic representatives of Kamchatka.

Russian guides come from varied backgrounds, usually associated with biology, wildlife management, hunting, trapping or commercial fishing. Fly-fishing being a relatively new sport to Russia, guides come equipped with varying levels of fly-fishing knowledge. Some are exceptional, having been guiding anglers for 10 or more years. Others have been brought on board for their skills as woodsmen and boatmen, whose technical abilities are still evolving, but who are in rhythm with the lives and habitat of rainbow trout.

Northern Wilderness Floats are performed on a series of six different rivers. The outfitter rotates the river visited so each only fished once or twice in a season. These expeditions are based around a loose daily schedule of breakfast at 8AM., followed by camp breakdown and getting on the river by 9AM. The angling days are long and the weather can range from warm and comfortable to cold and wet. Expect to be in camp each evening about 6PM and dinner is usually around 8PM. These rivers range in size, but all have good numbers of rainbow trout, Dolly Varden and all species of the pacific salmon. Most anglers focus on the trout and mice will almost always be a good producer for big rainbows, while streamers will also produce trout, char, and sometimes salmon as well. Most days about five to seven miles are floated and most all angling is done while wading. This is a trip best suited for adventurous anglers wanting the most remote and least traveled rainbow trout fishing the world has to offer.

Accommodations and Meals:
Anglers will spend all their nights in two-man expedition tents with comfortable pads. You will be responsible for providing your own sleeping bag and towel. Make sure your luggage is waterproof, as it will not fit in the tent with you. Please let us know if you have any requests such as dietary restrictions or health concerns. The crew will erect a dining tent and cook tent at each stop. Feel free to use the dining tent as a “lounge” area if the weather is inclement. Lunch will be packed with you by the guides, or served shore-side by the camp staff each day. Breakfast and dinner are served at camp. A cook and camp assistant travel in a separate raft and do the large majority of "camp work." Each pair of anglers are responsible for maintaining their own tent and inflatable sleeping mattresses. All camp equipment – except your sleeping bag - is provided as part of the trip. For
 convenience of communication on the river, and for a safety line to the outside world, each expedition is further outfitted with first aid kits, GPS, handheld radios and a satellite telephone.

At the camp each guest is provided with a limited amount of complimentary alcohol – a couple of beers per guest per night and one bottle of vodka per group per night. Additional beer and vodka will be available for purchase at a nominal charge. We have found that the most convenient place to purchase Scotch and other fine liquor is in Anchorage at the duty free shop just before departure to Kamchatka (located next to the terminal). The camp is equipped with soda, water, coffee and tea at all times.

Meals will be simple yet tasty with a mix of mostly pork and chicken dishes. There are a lot of root vegetables, potatoes, carrots, etc. Breakfast is typically eggs with a side of ham, bacon and even crab. There is always bread, crackers, cheese and other small hand food items on the table to snack on and add to the meals. 

2020 Rate: $7,495 per person for a 6 night / 5.5 day package

Included: Accommodations and meals, guided fishing, meet and greet in Petropavlovsk, round-trip helicopter transportation between Petropavlovsk and the river.

Not Included: Airfare to/from Petropavlovsk, Visa fees, fishing license, gratuities, fishing equipment, personal liquor and personal gear including a sleeping bag, towel and medical evacuation insurance. 

Note: Anglers who miss their scheduled transfers to the lodge will be responsible for any incurred costs related to delays and special transfers.

Species: Rainbow trout, five species of salmon, char

Season: July to September

Capacity: 6 anglers