Owen River Lodge New Zealand

Located in the greater Nelson Lakes/Murchison region at the north end of the South Island, Owen River Lodge is a stylish and cool, yet understated lodge for discerning fly fishers. From home base on sixteen acres of serene riverfront property on the Owen River, guests can easily access more than thirty rivers in the area, most of which are less than an hour’s drive from the premises. The rivers of the west coast, Murchison, Nelson and Marlborough regions are all within reach. For those willing to chopper out, even more systems await exploration.

In addition to the comforts of the main lodge, guests enjoy private cottages with king beds, reverse cycle air conditioning, fine original artwork and handsome wood detailing. Meals at the lodge are eclectic and superb, borrowing from Maori, Polynesian, Asian, and European traditions in a unique fusion referred to as “Pacifica Cuisine.”

Non-anglers visiting the lodge have ample activities to choose from including mountain biking, hiking, vineyard tours, rafting, caving, horseback riding, golf and local gallery tours. For all visitors who appreciate small, secluded, service-oriented operations, this is a destination not to miss.

Owen River Lodge Travel:
To get to Owen River Lodge you will need to make travel arrangements to and from Christchurch or Nelson, New Zealand. In Christchurch or Nelson you can either rent a car and drive to the lodge or we can arrange to have you met by a member of the lodge staff who will drive you to the lodge. New Zealand is a long way away but the good news is that jet lag isn’t a big issue because when you arrive there it is four hours earlier the next day. Do whatever you can to get some sleep on the plane and continue on with your travels. You will be tired but for the most part your schedule hasn’t changed all that much. Remember that when you return home you will typically arrive on the same day that you left New Zealand. A valid passport is required. When coming into the country, be forewarned that New Zealand is very concerned with invasive pests and plants entering the country. When you go through customs, you will be asked whether you have any camping gear, wading gear, fly tying materials, food etc. Be sure to clean and dry all wading gear, hiking boots, ground cloths, tent floors and the likes. Do not attempt to bring in any natural fly tying materials; grain or seed based foods, or meats such as jerky or salami. If the inspectors are not pleased with the condition of your personal items, they will take them and fumigate them while you wait. This generally takes about 15-30 minutes.

Owen River Lodge Documentation:
A valid passport is required.

Owen River Lodge Fishing:
New Zealand is one of the world’s most unique and challenging trout fisheries where anglers have the opportunity to spot their trout before casting to it. Sight fishing (which comprises roughly 75% of down under angling) is demanding and intense by Western fishing standards. The fish are large and wary, the streams and rivers in which they live are often crystal clear and interestingly enough, anglers are their only formidable natural predator. As a result, Kiwi fish can be very spooky. When stalking these fish, the perfect first cast is the ultimate weapon. Generally, the key to success down under is not the ability to make long casts but rather the ability to make gentle accurate presentations under pressure. More often than not, your target will be between 20 and 40 feet away. Anglers who embrace the necessary skills might expect to land three to four fish a day between three and five pounds.  Shots at larger fish will present themselves, but hooking and landing the really large specimens should be considered a hard earned bonus, as opposed to a baseline expectation.


Rates and Details

2020 Rate: NZ $7,120-$8,730 per person for a 7 night/6 day package

Included: Accommodations, guiding, all meals, access fees.

Not Included: Transportation to and from the lodge, alcohol, optional fly-outs by fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, gratuities, items of a personal nature, and fishing tackle 

Season:  November to April

Species:  Rainbow trout, brown trout

Lodge Capacity:  12 anglers

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Owen River Lodge, New Zealand Located in the greater Nelson Lakes/Murchison region at the north end of the South Island, Owen River Lodge is a stylish and cool, yet understated lodge for discerning fly fishers. From home base on sixteen acres of serene riverfront property on the Owen River, guests can easily access more than […]
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