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Reel Action Alaska Lodge operates as a small, full service tent lodge on the lower portion of the Kanektok River. Providing clients with single occupancy accommodations, guests sleep only one to a spacious 10 x 12 foot wall tent with a wooden platform floor. (Double occupancy can be provided upon request in a 12 x 12 foot tent cabin.) Designed to provide guests with all the necessary comforts for a weeks’ living in the bush, each tent cabin has carpeted floors and comfortable beds in addition to heat and lighting. Completing the camp scene, there is a large dining/lounge tent, a second screened lounge tent overlooking a private slue and a gear drying tent. There is also a hot shower facility with sinks and a vanity.

Only one mile from tidewater, the camp location was carefully chosen to provide guests with a front row seat on some of the freshest, chrome bright fly-fishing action in Alaska. In fact, some of the best holding water for fresh king, silver, chum and pink salmon is found right in front of the lodge!

A remarkably diverse fishery, the Kanektok River is perfectly suited to both single-hand and spey rod angling. This is truly one of Alaska’s premier opportunities to target both king salmon and silvers on the fly. What makes the fishing experience especially unique is that in addition to having some of the best access to chrome bright salmon, Reel Action also has a tremendous rainbow trout fishery in both the lower and upper river. Kanektok River leopard rainbows are spectacular fish to admire and a lot of fun to catch. As they are very top-water oriented, one of our favorite ways to entice them is with a mouse pattern skimming across the surface. If you haven’t yet experienced this aggressive ‘take’, it is a must! High catch rates, easy wading and open back-casts are the norm. Anglers will fish two per guide and move about the river system in 18-foot jet boats.

Reel Action Alaska Lodge is located on the Kanektok River, only one mile from tide-water. It is 425 miles WSW from Anchorage, 75 miles due South of the hub village of Bethel and 190 miles WNW from Dillingham.

Fishing Program:
The Kanektok River is a fish factory. With runs of all five species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden and grayling, the Kanektok River provides a great mix of quantity and variety. For those who haven't experienced it, it's simply a shock to see such a large biomass in a relatively small river.

Down river from the lodge is the tidewater where kings, silvers, chums, sockeye and pinks first hold when they enter the river. The river includes many gravel bars and a shallow depth that makes it perfect for swinging flies for salmon. The upriver sections allow hiking up side channels fly fishing for rainbows, grayling, targeting salmon in smaller water, making classic day long drifts fishing for "anything" and working extremely productive Dolly Varden flats.

Reel Action Fly Fishing has been granted a Special Use Permit allowing access into the Togiak National Refuge Wilderness Area. This is a great addition to their fishing program as this is a remote portion of the river where few others ever see. This area begins at river mile 18 and extends 72 miles upstream to the headwaters of the Kanektok. Each guest will get one full day of fishing this remote section of river. Paul Jacob, owner and head guide at Reel Action, will be your host for this day. This remote section of river has exceptional opportunities for rainbow trout (especially mousing), Dolly Vardon, chum and silver salmon along with Arctic grayling. Along with the great fishing, the amazing and numberous wildlife and hundreds of species of plants, abound.

Reel Action utilizes 16 to 18 foot flat-bottomed Jon boats powered by 40 HP pumps. They are equipped with anchors, seats and life jackets. A cooler is on board to store lunches and drinks. The jet boats are used in several different ways. While fly fishing for salmon you might fish from the boat. Anchoring up and swinging or stripping flies can be very effective. Fly fishing for trout can be done from boats as well. Both seats are removed, your guide rows you down river "drift boat style" and you cast while floating. This method is a wonderful way to see the river and cover water. While fly fishing from the boat is fun, most anglers also choose to fish from the wader-friendly gravel bars. This is where the jet boats shines! They can also run over very shallow water and get you into many small side channels that can be hiked up and fly fished from shore with your guide.

Located in southwestern Alaska near the coastal village of Quinhagak, Reel Action Alaska is perfectly situated along the banks of the Kanektok River with the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Quinhagak itself is located in the southernmost reaches of Kuskokwim Bay, an extension of the great Bering Sea.

The Togiak National Wildlife Refuge encompasses over 4 million acres of lands that the US government deemed appropriate to manage by the objectives set forth in the National

Wildlife Refuge system’s directive is to, among other things, conserve fish and wildlife populations and habitats in their natural diversity. Its northern border is the Yukon Delta National Wilderness Refuge and its eastern border is shared with the Wood Tikchik Lakes and Wood Tikchik State Park. The southern border is Bristol Bay and the western border runs 50 miles inland of Goodnews and Platinum until it bisects the Kuskokwim Bay coastline. Several villages fall within the refuge’s boundaries including Eek, Quinhagak, Platinum, Goodnews, Manokotak and Togiak. The refuge is mainly comprised of coastal flats, river flood plains and high tundra plains. Two mountain ranges run through the refuge-- the Kilbuck range and the Ahklun range. Both are heavily eroded by ice, wind, and water. Their highest peaks are less than 4,500 feet high. The area is habitat to over 48 mammal species, 31 of them land-bound including; caribou, wolves, moose, brown and black bear, foxes, beaver, muskrats, minks, river otters, voles and porcupines. 17 marine mammals live in the refuge, including sea lions, walruses and whales. Three main river drainages host all five species of pacific salmon, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, arctic grayling, arctic char and pike. Over 200 bird species nest in the refuge including golden and bald eagles, peregrine falcons, numerous species of waterfowl and shorebirds. Willow and cottonwood make up the scrub forests along the riverbanks and the tundra is flush with lichen, berries, dwarf trees and grasses. From the river the world looks lush with a short forest of spindly trees, bushes and grasses.  Gain 15 feet of elevation and you can look out over the treetops and view the vast flat tundra plain, pocked with an uncountable number of ponds and lakes, that runs every direction until it crashes into the sea, bumps into a mountain or drops into a river’s path.

Accommodations and Meals:
Reel Action Alaska operates as a full service tent lodge that has been designed to provide our guests with all the comforts needed for living in the bush. The location of our lodge (one mile from tide water) was carefully chosen to provide our guests a front row seat to the freshest chrome bright fly-fishing action in Alaska.

Dining/Lounge Tent: A spacious 22 x 40 feet, this tent contains the kitchen and a lounge area with TV and DVD player, plenty of tables and chairs to relax, a dart board, two fly-tying tables, and plenty of cold drinks and coffee. We have gas ranges, convection and microwave ovens and a refrigerator/freezer. The dining tent is heated with lots of space. 

The Lodge Cuisine: You will eat three meals per day and can choose to eat in the dining tent or a shore lunch to maximize your fishing time. Enjoy delicious meals cooked by our master Chef John Schumacher with amazing recipes for steak, salmon, and wild game. John is a world renown chef and has published cookbooks on wild game. Some of his books are titled; “John Schumacher’s New Prague Cookbook,” "Wild game Cooking Made Easy,” and "Fish Cooking Made Easy.” He is an expert in his field with over 45 years of cooking experience and operated several restaurants. Chef John will make your dining experience the best Alaska has to offer!

Drying Tent: After returning from your day’s fishing adventure this tent serves as a place for you to hang your wet waders, coats, boots and anything else you don’t want wet or dirty in your sleeping quarters. It has been specifically designed with the goal of completely drying your wet gear quickly. We have lots of space for hanging your equipment, assuring that heat is able to dry all surfaces of your apparel. The heater is run through the night, assuring that your gear is ready to go by morning.

Screened Lounge Tent: This spacious 12 x 20 ft tent has been specifically designed for you to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family while overlooking a spectacular view of a small Kanektok River side channel. Guests can enjoy kicking back in comfortable lounge chairs while watching passing wildlife and leaping salmon or admiring the distant mountain ranges. This comfortably heated tent is screened so that no mosquitoes or other biting insects may enter. This is a favorite of guests to relax and socialize in while enjoying the scenery.

Showers and Restrooms/Outhouses: The shower tent has an on demand water heater with hot and cold running water. The tent also has a sink with vanity and mirror. The restroom is an outhouse that is cleaned and maintained daily. We have multiple restrooms conveniently located on paths central to your tents for ease of use.

Tent Cabins/Sleeping Quarters: We have customized spacious 10 x 12 ft and 12 x 12 ft heated Weatherport style tent cabins with wooden floors and carpeting. These wall tents are super strong, waterproof and can withstand the weather conditions in Alaska. For your comfort, we sleep single occupancy, one client per tent cabin. They are furnished with a padded cot, a quilt and high quality sleeping bag, soft pillows, dresser, lantern, mosquito coil, clean linens for showering, clothes hangers, windows with screening, and plenty of storage room for your luggage and gear. If you need generator power for a C-Pap machine we have transportable 2000 watt Honda generators which are super quiet to meet all of your sleeping needs.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive Anchorage and overnight at your elected accommodations (independently arranged, not included)
Day 2: Depart Anchorage and fly to Quinhagak (independently arranged, not included).  You will be met by a camp representative and transferred to camp (included in your package).  You will have time to get settled and prepare your gear for the following days of fishing.
Days 3-8: Six full days of guided fishing
Day 9: Depart for home or points beyond.

Rates and Details

2020 Rates: $5,250 - $5,975 per person for a 7 night/6 day package

Included: Accommodations and meals, six days guided fishing, rods, flies and all terminal tackle and transportation between Quinhagak and the lodge. 

Not Included: Round trip airfare from your hometown to Quinhagak, Alaska, fishing licenses, travel insurance, waders, boots, clothing and guide or staff gratuities. 



Species: Five species of salmon, rainbow trout, char, grayling

Season: June – September

Capacity: 10 anglers

Map: Quinhagak, AK