Rynda Lodge - Atlantic Salmon Reserve Russia

For many years the Rynda was the private playground and clubhouse of Peter Powers, the founder of Russia’s remarkable Atlantic Salmon Reserve. There were reasons he saved this place for himself and his distinguished guests. It was, in part, the commanding setting of the lodge which overlooks a fall and incredible home pool.  It was, in part, the vast amount of interesting water. Lastly it was, in part, the magnificent race of large super-charged Atlantic salmon that return to the river like clockwork each year. Did Peter save the best for himself? Well among those that know all the rivers of the ASR, opinions differ. Longtime ASR angler Simon Hughes answers the age old question of where he would fish if it was the last trip he would ever make like this: ”If I had an hour to fish, I would fish the Kharlovka home pool. If I had a day to fish, I would the fish the East Litza, and if I had a week to fish I would fish the Rynda."

The Rynda flows gently through low gradient, tundra coated terrain and boasts 75 interesting named salmon pools that require the angler to read the water and consider each cast. The successful angler approaches the fishing here with care and intellect and, we hope, an open ear to the experience of the seasoned guides. Some say the rivers are reminiscent of Iceland. But whatever the case, this gem called Rynda tends to produce almost as many salmon as the Kharlovka and Litza rivers combined!

This is a true fisherman’s river and with is comes some the finest and most comfortable accommodations in all Kola.

The Rynda sits above the Arctic Circle in Russia, approximately 67° N latitude. It flows from W to E, and enters the Barents Sea on the NNW coast of the Kola Peninsula. The Rynda Lodge is located on the Rynda River itself, and the Zolotaya River is just south of the Rynda.

Documentation Requirements:
You will need a valid passport and a Russian tourist Visa. Once we receive your deposit for your trip, we will provide you with all the information needed to get your Russian Visa.  You will need to obtain your Russian Visa approximately 2 months prior to departure.

Fishing Program:
All fishing shall be by “Catch & Release” only. Each team is deployed daily by helicopter to the beat designed as per the fishing schedule. Depending on weather conditions Rynda guests will have the opportunity to fish during the week on the Zolotaya River, and may choose to overnight at the Zolotaya Tent Camp.

Fishing hours run from early morning to late evening in coordination with the camp manager. Rod sharing may be allowed in special situations. ASR operates a team system of one guide and two anglers. The local Russian guides are English speaking and ‘tundra-smart,’ with intimate knowledge of the area and with all skills needed to ensure safe and enjoyable days out. The guides are dedicated, hardworking, and long standing experts on the rivers with the majority of them having more than 10 years of experience. They know where the fish lie and the flies and techniques to catch them, in all water conditions. They are fully equipped to support your fishing days.

In the late afternoon the rods are flown back to camp for drinks, dinner and stories. Guests may continue to fish after dinner in the home pools. There also is high standard trout and char fishing in the vicinity and guests will be accommodated if they wish to enjoy this experience.

The operations use Russian MI-8 and Eurocopter 120B helicopters, which are reliable and well-serviced with experienced and highly professional crews. Hearing protection is provided for your daily flights. Rubber dinghies are also available in the majority of the pools for the guides to transport guests across the river. All fishing is done by wading and never from the boats.

In accordance with the Mandate of the Atlantic Salmon Reserve (established June 2007), please remember the following guidelines: Please never pick up a fish by its tail, or drag a fish up onto the bank. Please keep the fish in the water as much as possible while unhooking and photographing it, and please do not handle with dry hands.  Use only barbless hooks (pinching down the barbs is sufficient), and please do not use treble hooks.

Spring Season (late May – mid-June): Big fresh springers up to 40+ lbs (average 20 lbs) and kelts on their way back to the sea. Water levels can be high with the salmon moving up along the banks and slower side pockets. Water temperatures in the spring usually range from 1°-8° C. Main spring fishing areas are on the lower beats of the rivers.

Primetime Season (mid-June – mid-July): The main run of Multi Sea Winter salmon is on. They are average 15+ pounds with many opportunities for the big 30-40 pounders. Water levels are dropping back to perfect levels with temperatures in the range of 7°-14° C. Salmon are now starting to stack up through the upper beats of all rivers.

Summer Season (mid-July – early August): Grilse start running mixed with Two Sea Winter salmon. Many summer weeks we will still land fresh salmon up to 20 pounds. Water level is dropping, with the all the beat fishable. Water temperatures can range from 10°-20° C.

Autumn Season (late August – mid-September): Large colored spring salmon start to become active again. Osenkas or big bright autumn fish start entering the rivers, average size is between 15-30 pounds. Water level is at the lowest mark, rains induce spates. Water temperatures are approximately 10° C. Fishing can be great through all the upper and lower beats.

Accomodations and Meals:
Over the last several years, the Rynda Camp has been improved to the highest standards. All 12 guests are accommodated in the most sophisticated and fully fitted private log cabins on the Kola Peninsula, with views looking onto the Rynda Falls and home pool. With the enlarged dining room, newly built sauna, and professional daily laundry service included, Rynda Lodge is overwhelmingly popular with spouses and young anglers.

The food is of the highest standard, and the stream side lunches, including hot Russian soups, are a welcome daily treat. All wines and alcoholic drinks are included, as is the laundry service in which everything miraculously returns pressed and folded back on your made bed the next day. If requested, and many days if even not, there will be a roasting hot sauna prepared for your arrival back to the lodge where rods can relax after a hard day of fishing. There are also nicely stocked fly tying facilities at both of the camps in addition to a complete selection of fishing gear should you need to borrow anything.

Typical Daily Schedule:
Rynda guests, depending on conditions, should each have a day on the Zolotaya River. When you are at the lodge the day breaks down as follows:
8:00 AM: Breakfast
9:00 AM: Depart for fishing
2:00 PM: Stream side lunch
6:00 PM-7:00 PM: Return to the lodge
8:30 PM: Dinner

Rates and Details

2020 Rates: $5,000-$13,900 per person for a 7 night/6 day package

Included: Accommodations meals at the lodge, round-trip helicopter transportation between Murmansk and the lodge, daily fishing transportation, laundry service, hot sauna (upon daily request), all beverages including wine and spirits, loaner fishing gear & clothing if needed, fully stocked fly tying facility, fishing permits

Not Included: Airfare to/from Helsinki, round-trip charter flight between Helsinki and Murmansk, accommodations & meals in Helsinki or other en route cities, visa processing, staff & guide gratuities


Species: Atlantic salmon, wild brown trout, sea trout, arctic char

Season: Early June - September, primetime: mid-June to mid-July

Capacity: 12 anglers

Map: Kola Peninsula, Russia