Tengis - Shishged Outcamp Mongolia

The Yenisei River is the world’s fifth-longest system and the largest system feeding into the Arctic Ocean. While it has many headwaters, the Tengis and Shishged systems in the remote reaches of northern Mongolia’s Khuvsgul Province are unique and home to some of the world’s largest taimen. This program, designed by the local experts at Fly Shop Mongolia, is for true adventure anglers who want to experience Mongolia on its own terms. Guests will experience a long, interesting and somewhat arduous off-road overland transfer through a range of spectacular landscapes one direction, and an air charter flight back to Moron in the other direction. Once the Shishged is reached, guests will fish two distinct and remarkable systems with the help of local and international guides.  

Upon arrival, guests will jet boat several hours up the scenic mid-sized Tengis tributary system where they will spend two to three nights at a comfortable tent camp fishing two-plus days for taimen, lenok, and grayling. Then they will motor downstream to the main Shishged camp where they will sleep in spacious gers. The main camp has a spectacular location and their home pool is arguably the best trophy taimen pool on the river. The Shishged is a big, muscular, fast-flowing river that offers unparalleled trout fishing as well as some of the thickest taimen anywhere. This is a great river for Spey anglers and is unique among Mongolia programs in that all fishing is done while wading. For those seeking authentic adventure travel and the challenge of wading truly wild rivers, this is the program. 

Location: The Tengis-Shishged Outpost is located in northwestern Mongolia, west of Khuvsgul Lake.

Fishing Program:
This program has two distinct elements. First will be the time spent upstream on the Tengis. The camp is located roughly 1 ½ hours upstream of the confluence and is accessed by a rigorous and exciting journey up in inflatable tunnel-hulled jetboats. The Tengis is a beautiful midsized clear river and a major tributary of the Shishged. Aside from its lower reaches, it is hard to access and rarely visited by other anglers. It holds good numbers of smaller taimen as well as lenok and grayling. The trout fishing is very good and will be the primary focus on during this part of the trip. 

After time on the Tengis, anglers will move downstream to the larger Shishged. Once at the Shishged camp, there will be a greater focus on taimen fishing, but the trout fishing will still be exceptional and we hope that guests will dedicate time each day to focus on the remarkable opportunity. The taimen fishing is very well suited to Spey anglers, but also good for single hand anglers. Fishing will be done with a combination of floating and sinking lines and flies can tend to run quite large so guests should come ready for this challenge. Wading on the Shishged is challenging in many spots and best suited to anglers who are good on their feet. Guests will fish two per jet boat with a combination of American and Mongolian guides and at times may be accompanied by a junior guide in training. Your guides might have you focus on taimen fishing much of the day but they might also have you shift into trout mode depending on location, time of day and or conditions. Taimen fishing is tricky, and guests will not typically catch taimen each day. While many taimen are in the 28 to 32-inch class, the Shishged holds good numbers very large taimen in the 40 to 55-inch class. These are thick impressive fish and they tend to have lots of current to work with. Some of the fishing is quite close to camp but there a number of prime beats that take longer to reach and are best suited to adventuresome anglers.

Accommodations and Meals:
Accommodations will be in two different camps. One camp is on the upper Tengis and one on the middle Shishged. The Tengis camp will be slightly less elaborate than the Shishged camp. The Tengis camp will offer a main dining ger and smaller, yet spacious double-occupancy canvas tents with comfortable cots, sleeping bags with liners, and wood stoves. The camp will also have a shower tent, basic private tented eco-toilets, and a charging station.

The Shishged camp will be similar but all guests will enjoy large double occupancy gers, again with full bedding, wood stoves, a shower tent and a main charging station. Fly Shop Mongolia’s cook staff is truly excellent. Guests will enjoy western-style breakfast, a range of lunch options and dinners that are largely Mongolian in nature. Meals tend to be heavily meat-based, and relatively mild in spice.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar - Overnight
Day 2: Fly to moron. drive partway to camp.  Overnight in a small village.
Day 3: Continue drive to confluence.  Jetboat upriver to Tengis camp.  Fish afternoon
Day 4-5: Two full days fishing the Tengis 
Day 6: Fish downstream to the main camp on the Shishged Shishged
Day 7-9: Three full days on the Shishged
Day 10: charter to UB - overnight 
Day 11: Depart for Home.  

Rates and Details

2020 Rate: 6,950 USD for a 10 night/ 6.5 day fishing package 

Included: Accommodations and breakfast in Ulaanbaatar on arrival and departure day, all transportation within the country, accommodations, meals and beverages including water, soft drinks and vodka camps camp, guided fishing, fishing license, and conservation fee.

Not Included: Airfare to/from Ulaanbaatar, other meals and incidentals in Ulaanbaatar, mandatory medical evacuation coverage, staff and guide gratuities.

Species: Taimen, lenok, grayling

Season: Late June and late August through early October

Capacity: 6 anglers

Map: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Time:  The time in Mongolia is 15 hours later than Pacific Standard Tim

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