Tiamo Resort Bahamas

At Fly Water Travel we are always on the lookout for tropical destinations that have it all: the private, white sand beach, walk and wade fly fishing right outside the door, skilled guides, elegant accommodations, and numerous high quality activities for non-anglers. Located in one of the most beautiful and pristine areas in the Caribbean, Tiamo Resort on South Andros is a unique and refreshing gem. Technically an eco-tourism resort that can accommodate 22 guests, Tiamo also offers an exceptional bonefishing venue limited to ten lucky anglers per day. In addition to high numbers of hearty bonefish, anglers will also encounter tarpon, barracuda, and jacks on the turquoise flats of the region. While Tiamo boasts an excellent saltwater fly fishing program, it prides itself on being one of the Caribbean’s top nature resorts where non-anglers enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, sailing, freshwater pool and guided nature hikes. Add to that a main lodge with fine cuisine, a quality wine list, full bar, library, and very tasteful, air conditioned rooms and you will quickly see the appeal of this unique destination. Tiamo’s private beach-front bungalows with private baths epitomize rustic luxury and are located mere steps from the water. For couples, serious anglers, and families with children twelve or older, this is the ultimate tropical paradise.

Tiamo Resort is located on the eastern shore of South Andros Island.

Fishing Program:
Anglers will wake up at around 6:30 am unless they wish for a late start. Breakfast will be at 7 am and you will meet your guide on the Fisherman’s Deck at 7:30 to discuss plans for the day. Be sure to let your guide know your hopes for the day, what species you wish to pursue and your abilities. After introductions and planning you will head to the dock with guide and gear to load and board the boat. You will then enjoy a morning of saltwater fly fishing and will break around noon to enjoy a lunch made by the chef to your specifications. After lunch you will continue with an afternoon of fly fishing and be back to the dock between 3:30 and 4:30 pm. There is a great deal of flexibility in your fly fishing day regarding species, timing and areas fished. Do not hesitate to ask your host or guide if something is possible. They will do their best to accommodate.

Bonefish tend to be the prime target for guests fishing Andros Island but they are certainly not the only option on the flats. If you wish to target another species just let your guide know and he will do his best under the given conditions. If you are keen to hook a tarpon then you may want an earlier start so you can be on the water just after the sun rises and the tarpon activity is at its peak.

If you wish to join your spouse for lunch your guide will be happy to bring you back in for a break and then head back for the afternoon. This will not allow you to travel far in pursuit of your quarry but there is plenty of great flats fishing near the lodge.

Our guides fish a vast area of Andros Island in the interest of providing the best fly fishing opportunities, providing the angler a variety of fishing options and to maintain a healthy fishery. During your stay you may fish the waters of the South Bight, the West Side of Andros all the way to the southern tip, known as the Water Cays or all the way to “The Land of Giants” to the north. You will access uncountable tidal creeks from the Bight or the West Side, many of which seldom see an angler.

Do not forget that Tiamo Resort has a fully equipped blue water boat. If conditions are right and the fishing is hot you may be asked if you wish to join us after your day on the flats to head out and catch dinner. If you want a longer session in the deep blue we can arrange a full day or half day fishing for a reasonable fee.

Fisheries :
Andros Island is the Bonefishing capital of the world. Although only a quarter of the guests at Tiamo participate in fishing, those that do are rarely disappointed. With countless miles of unexplored flats only a boat ride away, Tiamo is perfectly situated for the ultimate bonefishing experience. Any angler who has experienced the reel-burning first run of a ten pound bonefish understands why men and women from around the world travel great distances to grapple with this wily adversary. In the shallow waters of South Andros, it is common to see schools of a hundred or more bonefish darting through the crystal clear waters. Besides being home to some of the best bonefishing on earth, the tidal flats and mangrove swamps of Andros Island are teeming with tarpon, barracuda, jacks, and several species of shark. To minimize fishing pressure on these treasured flats, Tiamo will only accommodate a maximum of eight anglers in four boats at any one time. Their guides are dedicated to the fishing and a delight to spend time with on the water. In keeping with our environmental commitment, Tiamo endorses only catch-and-release fishing

Non-Angling Activities:
Diving, snorkeling, sailing, nature tours

Accommodations and Meals:
Private well appointed bungalows furnished with a local flare. The simple yet elegant bungalows are the epitome of rustic luxury. Situated on a secluded beach amidst coconut palms and sea grape trees are eleven individual bungalows equipped with comfortable and appealing furnishings, including a private bathroom and king sized bed (two twin beds optional). Designed with the spirit of South Andros in mind, and built in the traditional Caribbean style, Tiamo provides every comfort in the most pure of tropical settings. Each bungalow is just steps from the beach and is raised to greet the incoming sea breezes.

Tiamo provides its guests with a rich and elegant dining experience unparalleled in the region. Executive chef Anna Salmon is one of the most sought-after culinary artists in the Bahamas. In her take on Bahamian cuisine, The chef has created a sophisticated variation on classic local themes. Service is of the highest quality: attentive, unobtrusive, and well-versed in the subtleties of fine dining. To eat and drink this well, in a place so remote and serene, is truly a unique opportunity. Dinner is served by candlelight in the Tiamo lodge. White linen and polished silver, gentle breezes and fine wine—dining at Tiamo is the essence of "barefoot sophistication". Attire is casual—feel comfortable leaving the dinner jacket and pearls at home. Although it is hard to imagine a more romantic dining location for two, our guests often choose to sit together at one grand table to get to know one another better. With guests hailing from throughout the world, these enlightened island dinner parties excite both the palate and the mind.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive Congo Town, South Andros and transfer to the lodge.
Days 2-7: Full days of guided fishing
Day 8: Depart lodge.


Our trip involved 3 days of fishing during a 6 day visit. Our guide (Alvin Greene) was competent and hard working. The weather conditions were less than ideal - the first day was extremely windy, and we had overcast for part of the second day. However, we saw good numbers of bonefish when conditions were a little more favorable. My overall impression of Tiamo is very positive. The facility is beautiful and well managed, and the staff members are uniformly friendly and competent. The meals were excellent. This was my first warm weather/salt water fishing trip, so I don't have a basis for comparison. However, I have visited several lodges in Alaska and the Rocky Mountain region. In my opinion, the outstanding thing about Tiamo is that it provides both an excellent fishing program and a variety of other activities for traveling companions who are less interested in fishing. Tiamo is an excellent choice for couples and families, including one or more individuals who want to fish, fish fish - who is accompanied by others who are less enthusiastic.  D McGuire

Rates and Details

2020 Rate: Please call for details

Included: Accommodations and meals for 2 people, regular soft drinks, transport to/from the local airport in South Andros, boat transfers to the resort, guided fishing as noted on your itinerary, Tiamo water sports activities (canoeing, floating cabana, paddleboard, Fun Cat, snorkeling, sailboat), gym, infinity pool, air conditioned library with tv, free wireless internet connection in all resort.
Not included: Airfare, alcoholic beverages, premium soft drinks, extra activities (scuba diving, boat tours, snorkeling tours, wakeboard, water skiing, nature walk, private picnic), government taxes (10%), service charge (10%).



Species: Bonefish, tarpon, jacks

Season: October - June

Capacity: 10 anglers, 12 non-anglers

Map:  Congo Town, Bahamas

Time:  Eastern Standard Time