Togiak Wilderness Spey Alaska

Fly Water Travel and Epic Waters Angling are proud to introduce a new exclusive tent camp on Alaska’s prolific Togiak River. The Togiak is a big brawling southwest Alaskan river renowned for its abundant returns of king salmon in addition to a host of other worthy species. Long thought to be too much river for fly anglers to effectively target kings, the Spey fishing revolution along with the anadromous experts at Epic Waters recently changed that assumption forever. Their 2019 exploratory season was extremely successful with much higher catch rates than they had hoped for. From the comfort of a simple six-person tent camp, guests will now be able to target the west’s most underutilized king system. This hearty program will be best suited to advanced anglers who cherish long hours on the water, campfires, and a high number of large hard-fighting kings.

Togiak is located at the head of Togiak Bay 67 miles west of Dillingham.

Fishing Program:
The Togiak River has sustained a very large run of king salmon since 2011, and it has not seen any significant decline in numbers. For anglers that prefer to launch spey casts and get big grabs in heavy water, the Togiak will surpass your highest expectations. At Togiak Wilderness Spey guests will depart each morning via jet boat to the prime runs of the lower Togiak River. The fishing will be done while wading gravel bars and back channels while casting two-handed rods and swinging flies in the down-and-across fashion. The river is large, so big casts, Skagit heads with tips and long rods are the norm. Expect to split your day of fishing to take advantage of the best fishing hours of early and late in the day. The kings in the lower Togiak are pretty special. They typically hold court in the lower reaches of the main-stem for two weeks or longer before moving further upstream searching for redd locations. For spey fisherman, this couldn’t be better. These bright fish hold long enough to target them but not long enough to color up and go stale. With six solid weeks of fresh fish pushing through the system, you will see a very high percentage of colorless fish in the lower river.

Accommodations and Meals:
Each guest will sleep in their own small canvas cabin tent with heat. The camp will have a drying tent, shower,  and outhouse as well as a main dining tent where guests can escape the bugs and elements. The food will be prepared and served family style. Expect traditional breakfast fare of eggs, pancakes, bacon/sausage with fruits and such for sides. If planning a split day of fishing, expect lunch to be served back at camp before a siesta. Lunch can also be packed for a full day on the river. Dinner will revolve around the fishing schedule and be a mix of steaks, pork and chicken dishes with salads, starches and breads. The outfitter always tries to make it as comfortable as possible while maintaining a few of those things that add to the feeling of wilderness. Guests can expect service and quality from the team that comes from 60 years of combined outfitting experience.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Depart Anchorage at 8:15am to Togiak Village. Transfer by boat to camp. Lunch, fish, dinner and overnight.
Day 2 - 5: Fish a different section of the river each day on spit shift schedule
of early and late with a siesta in between. All meals and overnight accommodations provided.
Day 6: 8am breakfast, pack and transfer by boat to Togiak airstrip for
10am flight to Anchorage. Weather delays are possible. We suggest booking a departing flight out of Anchorage after 4PM.


Rates and Details

2020 Rate: $5,600 plus $750 round trip charter flight per person for a 6 night/5 day package

Included: Accommodations and meals at camp, guided fishing, limited selection of flies and/or terminal tackle, transportation between Anchorage and campe.

Not Included: Round trip airfare to Anchorage, accommodations and meals in Anchorage, waders with rubber soled boots, staff and guide gratuities.


Species: Rainbow trout, five species of salmon, char, grayling

Season: mid June to mid July

Capacity: 6 anglers

Map: Togiak 

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