Rainbow King Lodge Alaska

Located on the shores of Lake Iliamna (Alaska's largest lake), Rainbow King Lodge is a large, easy to reach luxury operation that has rich history in the region. Positioned to capture spectacular views of the lake and surrounding landscape, the facility spans more than an acre of manicured lawns and flower gardens. The buildings are connected by a series of rustic boardwalks. Rainbow King has an extremely unique fishing program that offers essentially private access to many of the region’s finest streams and rivers. Dream Creek, Southeast Creek, Upper Copper, The Gorge of the Newhalen River, Gibralter, and others that are secured by private leases. In most cases they offer exclusive access. In others, it's the ability to move about the riverbank in comfort, while others must stay in the water at all times. In all cases, it's an Alaskan experience solely available through Rainbow King Lodge.

The season runs from the second week of June through the last week of September. Anglers can target rainbow trout, Arctic char, Arctic grayling and all five species of Pacific salmon. At least one of the salmon species is available at all times of the season, so you can plan your trip to include the salmon species of your choice. Never are all five species running at the same time, but the best overlap of runs occurs mid to late July. The sockeye salmon run from late June to late July. The king salmon run from June 15th to late July, pink salmon from July 15th to August 15th, and silver salmon from early August to the end of the season at the end of September. Rainbow trout are available throughout the season, with the largest and most plentiful being available during June and mid-August through September. Arctic grayling are always excellent, as are the Arctic char and Northern pike. Rainbow King also offers a unique saltwater expereince on the south side of the Alaska peninsula. When the weather is right the lodge flies over the mountains to access a couple of small v-hulled aluminun boats the have stashed. They use these small boats to access shallow water halibut and ocean-fresh silver salmon. 

Rainbow King Lodge is located on the shores of Alaska’s largest lake, Lake Iliamna. It is located 190 miles southwest of Anchorage and is accessible only by aircraft. The flight between Iliamna and Anchorage takes about an hour.

Fishing Program:
Anglers will depart the lodge each morning in one of several float equipped aircrafts. Once the destination is reached, the anglers will depart the plane with a guide. Jet boats with guides stationed on many of the streams are also available so you will always get upstream and to the very best fishing without walking. You will be accompanied by a responsible guide at all times, with one guide to every two anglers. Your guide will prepare a hot shore lunch for you around noon. Guides will be rotated throughout the week.

Accommodations and Meals:
Rainbow King Lodge can accommodate 16 guests per week, with the ability to accommodate larger groups upon request. Each guest room contains its own private bath, tub and shower, two double beds, wall to wall carpeting, blackout drapes, thermostatically controlled heat, and some with an excellent view of Lake Iliamna and the snow capped peaks across the lake. The lodge room, with its large fireplace, is always enjoyed by guests, as is the large dining room with its similar fireplace. The recreation room has a whirlpool spa, center-of-the-room fireplace, pool table, card tables, color TV and a professional guide to answer your fly casting or tying questions. This area gives you more than enough space for evening recreation and story-telling about your day’s fishing experience.

A pre-planned menu offers such main courses as stuffed filet mignon with snow crab, traditional prime rib of beef, bourbon-pecan encrusted rack of lamb and medallions of pork. The current year’s detailed menu is available upon request. It is possible to customize the menu for your dietary needs. Breakfast is cooked to order with a great variety of menu choices including Belgian waffles, eggs Vienna, eggs Benedict, and all the fresh fruits and melons in season. There is no set time for breakfast so you can eat at your convenience depending on your departure time each day. Dinner is served at 7:30 PM nightly.

There is not a public bar, nor is liquor available for purchase. Please bring your own spirits. Mixers are provided and everyone tends the bar and has a good time. Iliamna is a dry village by law so it’s illegal for the lodge to sell liquor, but it is perfectly fine to bring your own. For large orders, the lodge can refer you to a distributor in Anchorage who will ship your order to coincide with your arrival.

The lodge also has a well stocked pro shop with a fine selection of jackets, layering pieces, rods, reels and most all that is needed if you happen to forget or want to upgrade your equipment.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: (Saturday): If unable to arrive in Anchorage at Lake Clark Air at Merrill Field by 3:30 PM on Sunday, arrive in Anchorage and transfer to your elected accommodations (independently arranged, not included).
Day 2: (Sunday): Check in to your charter flight by 3:30PM. Board your charter flight (approximately one hour) from Anchorage to Iliamna in the afternoon. You will be picked up by a member of the Rainbow King Lodge staff who will transfer you to the lodge, three miles down the road. Once at the lodge, the staff will take you to your room where you can get settled in. Head down to the recreation room where the next days of fishing is planned. There is no fishing on arrival day. 
Days 3-8: (Monday to Saturday): Six days guided fishing with fly-outs (weather permitting) begins. After fishing on Saturday, pack up and transfer to the Iliamna airport for an evening flight back to Anchorage. You will arrive at approximately 8:30 PM. Collect your bags and head to your elected accommodations (independently arranged, not included) or your flight home or points beyond.

Rates and Details

2020 Rates: $8,900 per person for a 6 night/6 day package

Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, transportation between fishing destinations and the lodge, lodging tax, guiding, all tackle, flies, lures, rods, reels, rubber soled boots, fish processing and travel box.

Not Included: Round trip airfare to Anchorage, accommodations and meals in Anchorage, round trip airfare to Iliamana from Anchorage, waders, fishing licenses, alcohol, gratuities and bed tax.

Species: Rainbow trout, Arctic char, Arctic grayling and all five species of Pacific salmon

Season: June to September

Capacity: 16 anglers (additional anglers may be accommodated upon request)

Map: Iliamna, AK

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