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In terms of the all around ultimate fly fishing adventure, Tsimane, more than most any other place, has it all. Located in a remote indigenous territory of Bolivia where the Andes meet the upper Amazon, the freestone rivers of the region are both familiar and foreign to the well traveled angler. Each season hundreds of thousands of bait fish migrate up the greater Secure system and with them come thousands of large, aggressively feeding dorado. Here it is common to see packs of fierce dorado herding bait fish into the shallows and mercilessly ripping through them. From a great distance you can see the frothing commotion as the bait leaps into the air in a desperate effort to escape. From a quarter mile away the raining down of eight inch bait fish sounds like a dump truck dropping 20 yards of gravel. Here, anglers wet wade a jade green river and cast six inch flies on wire leaders through an endless array of pristine water types. Their reward; consistent catches of pugnacious, aerial dorado in the 8 - 35 pound class as well as additional jungle species like the fickle pacu and the elusive surubi. With few exceptions, the many anglers we have sent to Tsimane rate the trip among the top three angling experiences in their extensive careers. We couldn’t agree more strongly!

Tsimane is operated by an Argentine outfitter with exclusive rights to the region. They offer two separate programs, the Secure/Agua Negra combination trip and Pluma Lodge. Both trips will begin with an overnight in Santa Cruz followed by a charter flight to a remote jungle airstrip. The hardest part of planning the trip is deciding which of the two options to select as they are both highly desirable and productive. The main lodges for both programs feature cabins made from hand hewn local timber, rooms with private bathrooms and hot showers, satellite telephone and internet as well as fine cuisine. While anglers access the rivers by boat, considerable walking and wading is essential to success. This trip into the heart of the Bolivian jungle is best suited to adventuresome, fit travelers. The rewards include incredible flora and fauna, the opportunity to interact with indigenous people and what we consider to be one of the ultimate fly fishing experiences.

Picking Your Program:
Invariably the first question we are asked is which program is the best. The truth is that both are exceptional options but they differ somewhat from one another. The quality of the fishing, the guides and the overall experience are essentially the same leaving the discussion to variables of terrain, group size, pricing, accommodations and water types. The unique benefits of the Agua Negra program include a small group size of four anglers (making it perfect for private parties), lower cost, and easier wading. This program also offers a bit more fishing from the boat, access to the region’s smallest streams (not to be confused with small fish) and the best opportunity to engage with and experience the adjacent and endearing local communities. Agua Negra also offers a remote upper river camping option which is more primitive but easier to reach than the Pluma out-camp options.

Pluma Lodge caters to eight anglers making it a more social camp and their double occupancy cabins are slightly more spacious and comfortable than the deluxe safari style tents at Agua Negra. Pluma anglers also enjoy an exciting jeep ride into camp complete with mud bogs and stream crossings adding to the overall sense of jungle adventure. Much of Pluma’s water is characterized by rocky freestone terrain making it rather physical and best suited to stable waders. With that said anglers with poor wading skills have options to fish from the boat on multiple beats. Some of Pluma's unique features include a really wide range of water types ranging from pocket water to long pools and runs and arguably the best sight fishing opportunities. The other great feature is the ability to partake in either of the upriver out-camps. Both have large tent platforms and offer adventuresome anglers the opportunity to become fully immersed in a stunningly beautiful deep jungle experience. All out camp overnights are voluntary. 

Agua Negra Camp Details:

Pluma Lodge Details:



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Tsimane Lodge Bolivia NEWS

Mar 23, 2017

Tsimane 2017 Program Update

Tsimane Bolivia is and remains one of the greatest exotic fly fishing destinations in the world today. Over the years their programs have shifted around and moving forward into 2017, Tsimane will consist of three distinct week-long  programs. The following is an overview of what to expect in the future as well as summary of […]
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Feb 10, 2016

2016 Tsimane Lodge Brochure

Tsiname Lodge in Bolivia is the most Dynamic New Fishery of the Decade and we have just mailed everyone a copy of our 2016 Tsimane Lodge, Brochure.  If you receive our catalog you will get this brochure in the next couple days.  If you can’t wait for the mail you can click on the link […]
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Nov 5, 2015

Destination Spotlight – Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia

Tsimane Lodge – Bolivia: In terms of the all around ultimate fly fishing adventure, Tsimane, more than most any other place, has it all. Located in a remote indigenous territory of Bolivia where the Andes meet the upper Amazon, the freestone rivers of the region are both familiar and foreign to the well traveled angler. […]
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Oct 28, 2015

Tsimane Lodge Article

Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia – Adventure Angling’s El Dorado, By Ken Morrish A history and detailed description of one of the most unique and dynamic fishing adventures of this decade. Season: May – October Capacity: Pluma Lodge:  8 anglers Secure / Agua Negra:  4 anglers 2016 Rate: $7,600 + $670 of Indian Association fees and National […]
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Sep 19, 2013

Castaway Films – Aguas Negras, Bolivia

From the creators of Devil’s Gold, Castaway Films brings a new short from their exploratory trip to Untamed Angling’s Aguas Negras camp, in the heart of the Bolivian jungle. Now sit back, relax and enjoy all of the HD, slow-mo goodness of this epic golden dorado action!
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May 11, 2012

Tsimane Bolivia Update

Tsimane Bolivia Update The fishing operation we consider to be one of the most interesting in the world has faced some significant hurdles over the past couple of years. First the news that several anglers had contracted Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (a nasty little disease carried by infected female sandflies) sent a major shock wave through the […]
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Oct 21, 2011

Tsimane Lodge Update

Tsimane regular Cary Pugh with a magnificent Golden Dorado When Ken returned home from Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia he wrote that his trip was “…the single most interesting and rewarding trip of my fishing career.” (read more from Ken) For those that know Ken Morrish and his fishing exploits, this is not a statement to […]
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Sep 30, 2011

Tsimane Trip Report

Dear Fly Water Travel Team, As I unpack my bags from our trip to Bolivia, I can’t help but reflect on what an amazing experience we had and wanted to write a quick report. In short, we had one of the best journeys of our lives! The interaction with the local people, fantastic accommodations, great […]
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Jul 6, 2011

Tsimane Lodge Spring 2011 Report

I have been incredibly fortunate to fish many of the world’s most exotic and productive fisheries. I have fished Kola’s finest Atlantic salmon rivers, Kamchatka’s best trout and steelhead systems, I have fished darn near everything in BC and Alaska, chased 250 pound tarpon in West Africa, enjoyed the Amazon, explored northern Australia and visited […]
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Sep 28, 2010

Tsimane Lodge Report

This has been an incredible season for guests visiting Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia. Despite some extreme weather and water conditions the fishing has stayed strong throughout the season. We recently received this report from our good friend Felton Jenkins: “One of my top 2 or 3 trips, period! My last morning fished in some rain […]
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Jul 15, 2010

Tsimane Report!

From Rodrigo Salles at Untamed Angling: “Tsimane Lodge has reached almost mid season facing new challenges but wonderful rewards. Low water, no rain, and one of the biggest droughts of last years in the National Park. Our guides have worked really hard to find the secret of these waters during these very technical weeks. Now […]
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Jun 10, 2010

Tsimane Lodge Bolivia early season report

Brian, After a week or so to reflect on our trip to Tsimane Lodge I wanted to send you an email with a few pictures from our trip and again let you know what a great time my dad and I had. I think these pictures do a great job of summing up our trip […]
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Sep 21, 2009

Bolivia Dorado photos from the field

Bolivia Dorado Fishing, Tsimane Lodge  ” Thought you might be interested in our progress.   Estimated this fish to be 35-36 pounds.” – Angler, Cary Pugh
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