Tsimane Lodge Bolivia

Tsimane Bolivia is and remains one of the greatest exotic fly fishing destinations in the world today. Over the years their programs have shifted around and moving forward, Tsimane will consist of three distinct week-long programs. The following is an overview of what to expect in the future as well as summary of the unique features of each. We hope that this will help prospective anglers better understand their options and help them in selecting the program that is right for them.

The Programs
Tsimane has three distinct operations, Pluma Lodge, Agua Negra Camp and Secure Camp, all located within a 25-mile radius in the headwaters of Bolivia's Secure watershed. The Secure watershed is one of the Amazon’s southernmost tributaries and its’ isolated population of large migratory dorado make it one of South America’s most unique fisheries. The hardest part of planning the trip is deciding which of the three options to select, as they are all highly desirable and productive. All trips begin with an overnight in Santa Cruz followed by a two-hour small aircraft charter flight to a remote jungle airstrip. They all have remarkably comfortable accommodations and gourmet meals, and the vast majority of the fishing is done while wading. Guests move about in large motorized dugouts or smaller traditional pole-pushed dugouts captained by skilled native boatmen and are guided by professional English speaking guides. Irrespective of the program, all trips into the heart of the Bolivian jungle are best suited to adventuresome travelers who enjoy wade fishing and a fair amount of walking.

Pluma Lodge
After landing at the Oromomo native airstrip, eight anglers will head up the Secure River by motorized super-dugout and then make a left turn up a tributary to the incredible Pluma Lodge. Pluma Lodge overlooks the Pluma River and has handsome double occupancy hardwood cabins as well as a main lodge where meals and cocktails are served. Pluma is considered the most deluxe and diverse of the Tsimane lodges. The lodge is strategically located in the middle of the Pluma River beneath the confluence of two world-class systems, the upper Pluma and the Itirizama. Both up and downstream of the lodge are miles of great water on the main stem Pluma. Additionally, beneath the confluence of the Pluma and Secure, anglers can access more than 30 km of the larger main stem Secure by motorized dugout. These lower beats offer the biggest water in the Tsimane program and fishing these sections is in some ways reminiscent of classic steelhead fishing. For hearty anglers, Pluma offers one or two-night backpacking-style trips on both the Upper Pluma and Itirizama. These overnights represent the ultimate jungle adventure and can offer unparalleled sight fishing for large dorado and pacu. In the case of the upper Itirizama, several hours of aggressive hiking and multiple river crossings are needed to reach the prime waters, making this the most arduous of the Tsimane offerings. With truly rough terrain, challenging wading and in many instances technical and rewarding sight fishing to large dorado, this represents the ultimate jungle adventure in one the most pristine and beautiful places imaginable. The upper Pluma is very similar but less physically demanding. Note that these overnights are optional with only a small percentage of guests taking advantage of them.

Agua Negra Camp
The four-person Agua Negra Camp is also accessed from the Oromomo native airstrip. From the airstrip, you travel roughly two hours up the Secure River by motorized super-dugout to reach the Agua Negra Camp, which sits on a high bluff overlooking the middle reach of the Secure River. The Camp has great views and often a refreshing breeze and it adjoins a small Yuracaré community of roughly 60 people who still live very simple lives based on hunting, gathering and fishing. This camp features a handsome hardwood lodge with an open bar, Wi-Fi and delicious meals paired with excellent Argentine wines. Guests stay in deluxe double occupancy safari tents complete with attached bathrooms, hot showers, bedding and ceiling fans.

The main fisheries are the Agua Negra and the main Secure. The Agua Negra is a relatively small river with easy wading and lots of woody debris/structure. It is mainly accessed by pole-pushed dugouts, with anglers often getting out the boat to walk around certain sections of river. The main Secure is a large system accessed by motorized dugouts. Here fishing from the boat is both common and productive. For adventuresome anglers, Agua Negra also offers one or two-night backpacking-style trips to the upper reaches of the system. These upper waters are the easiest to reach of Tsimane’s camping options.

Secure Camp
The six-person Secure Camp is the furthest upstream of the three camps and focuses on the uppermost reaches of the Secure River. It is accessed from an airstrip in the little village of Asunta, where it is common for many members of the community to come out and have a look at the new arrivals, their clean quick-dry clothing and their big bags of gear and tackle. From there it is about a 10-minute boat ride upstream to the deluxe six-person tent camp. The camp features a handsome hardwood lodge with an open bar, Wi-Fi and delicious meals paired with excellent Argentine wines. Guests stay in deluxe double occupancy safari tents complete with attached bathrooms, hot showers, bedding and ceiling fans. From this camp you fish the productive waters of the Secure above and below the camp. The water upstream of camp is rugged and incredibly scenic with mossy cliffs and deep green pools and is known to have the region’s best pacu fishing in addition to great dorado fishing. This upper beat is accessed by traditional pole-pushed dugouts. The water downstream is broader with more woody debris. It offers good wade fishing and good boat fishing for large dorado and is accessed by motorized dugouts. Like the other two camps, Secure also offers backpacking-style trips to the upper reaches of the system.

Secure Extension
If six days of fishing at Pluma or Agua Negra is not enough, add on four additional days of fishing at the Secure Camp.  A great way to maximize your Bolivian fishing experience. Three guest minimum. Rate: $4950 per person

Headwaters Expedition
This is unique opportunity to hike and boat into the most remote upper reaches of the Secure River. Here, while camping near a falls called “Chorro” guests enjoy great fishing for large resident dorado. This is a unique mini expedition unlike any other. Four guest minimum. Rate: $4950 per person 

Picking Your Program
Invariably the first question we are asked is which program is the best. The truth is that all are exceptional options but they differ somewhat from one another. The quality of the fishing, the guides and the food are essentially the same leaving the discussion to variables of terrain, accommodations, group size, water types, rates and the amount of time spent interfacing with the native inhabitants. The following bullet points will help prospective anglers better understand the nuanced differences between these three great camps.

Pluma Lodge
Capacity: 8 anglers
Rate: $7,600 plus $670 native fee per person for a 9 night/6 day package 
The most deluxe lodge with attractive wooden cabins and spacious bathrooms
The greatest variety of water types and beats
Eight angler capacity for larger groups and more social interaction
Potential single or multiple day backpacking-style overnights on the upper Itirizama or upper Pluma rivers
The overnight options are the most adventuresome and physically challenging of the Tsimane offerings
Lots of access to slightly larger water

Agua Negra Camp
Capacity: 4 anglers
Rate: $5,800 plus $570 native fee per person for a 9 night/6 day package
Small and intimate with just four anglers per week
Comfortable double occupancy safari tents with flush toilets and showers
The smallest and most intimate waters with easy wading and large fish
Less physically demanding than the upper beats at Pluma or SecurePotential single or multiple day backpacking-style overnights on the upper Agua Negra
Easiest backpacking camp to reach
Great cultural interface with the adjoining small native Yuracaré community of Agua Negra

Secure Camp
Capacity: 6 anglers
Rate: $$5,800 plus $570 native fee per person for a 9 night/6 day package
Comfortable double occupancy safari tents with flush toilets and showers
Unique and interesting up-river beats with canyons and gorgeous jungle scenery
The best pacu fishing in Tsimane
Remarkable late season fishing for big dorado
Potential single or multiple backpacking-style overnights on the upper Secure
Great cultural interface upon arrival at the airstrip in Asunta

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