Trip Report - Dry Flies and Sea Trout at Las Buitreras Lodge, Argentina
Trip Report
By Jake Crawford
March 14, 2021
Las Buitreras fishing update by Claudio Martin
For some time now we’ve been wondering if a dry fly is something that you want to have in your fly box in case you’re so very lucky to have the perfect conditions and fish rising for them, or an option for some times when it works, perhaps, better than the rest… 

There are two particular times when fishing dries for sea trout work as well -or better- than the rest. The easy one to expect: a river dropping and clearing up after a flood. We all know fish are extremely active and aggressive. Some may say it is a time when most flies work, but it is real too. Counting on fish that will hammer basically everything that comes around gives you a great shot for skating dries. When you have this opportunity, take it.

Besides that, the other moment is nothing more than low water. During the middle of the summer, rivers get to their lowest levels and go extremely clear. In the case of the Gallegos, with lower flows, water temperatures rise due to long sunny days. 
Normal behavior of fish in this river dictates that when it drops to its lowest, the safest is to move into the deeper pools leaving even the faster but shallower runs that have the more oxygenated water too. In the pools with a number of fish gathering, fish tend to move, roll, and jump probably because there’s competition for the best spots.
Over the years we have figured that under those conditions the only option is to extend your leader to the longest, take your tippet to the thinnest and put the smallest of your nymphs (a nymph many times meant for fishing other places that was somehow still in your box). But there’s another way -- dry flies.

During February we were able to test this by having the chance to go through those pools over and over again, dry fly winning every time. Not skating it, not twitching it, but on a dead drift as in the most traditional way. This was the case at 75, 80, Old Bridge, Flats, and other spots. With fish hitting a size 6 black bomber more often than you imagine, they were not shy and not scared at all. 

There's another great use for dry flies and this one opens more spots to the fishermen. A dry fly can cover the narrower channels in between plants and shallow parts without getting stuck at all. After trying this you will figure how -at times- sea trout can be anywhere, leading you to fish all the water, not only the more obvious structures. 

Back to the fish, we were able to see good numbers of 10-13lb fish in the system throughout February. As I mentioned, its been zones 1, 2 and 3 the ones that worked the best and the big pools that were holding most of the fish. The lower part of C-pool keeps getting deeper and holding good numbers of fish.  

Weather wise, it's been really warm (several days of +25ºC) and sunny during the whole month, with some wind only for the last week. Days are slowly getting shorter here as we start to get closer to fall.
- Claudio Martin

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Las Buitreras Lodge, Argentina
Take a shot at some of the largest and best-fighting sea trout in the world. 

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