Introducing the New Skeena River Lodge
Jesse Robbins
November 17, 2020

Skeena River Lodge, British Columbia

While 2020 was rather lacking in good news, one great thing that happened was the re-creation of British Columbia's Skeena River Lodge. Longtime owner and head guide Jeroen Wohe sold his rods days to Marcel Schneider, who owned the most opulent and best-built lodge accommodations in the greater Terrace region. Marcel made three very smart moves right out of the gate. First, he kept Jeroen on as manager and head guide; second, he kept the name Skeena River Lodge; and third, he moved all of our longtime Skeena River Lodge guests over to his new facility where, among other things, they will all enjoy very nice, single-occupancy rooms. Subsequently, Marcel has acquired additional rod days from regional outfitters and now holds far more Kalum and Copper days than anyone in BC.

Last but certainly not least, with the acquisition of all the additional rod days, the new Skeena River Lodge is able to increase occupancy. This makes it one of the only lodges in BC that has prime-time openings for 2021, as all 2020 guests across the province had to roll their dates forward. To say we are excited about the future of this operation is a great understatement, as it will in short order earn a seat at the table with BC's very finest lodges.

Below is current 2021 availability, as well as a new video overview of Skeena River Lodge, featuring some commentary about the fishing program from Jeroen. Enjoy!

2021 Skeena River Lodge Availability:

  • August 14 - 21: 6 rods
  • August 21 – 28: 6 rods
  • August 28 – September 4: 3 rods
  • September 4 – 11: 2 rods
  • September 11 – 18: 6 rods
  • September 18 – 25: 3 rods
  • September 25 – October 2: 3 rods
  • October 9 – 16: 6 rods
  • October 16 – 23: 2 rods
  • October 23 – 30: 6 rods

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