New Zealand

Minaret Station

Accessible only by helicopter, Minaret Station treats guests to an exclusive and authentic experience framed by the rugged beauty of this secluded mountain landscape.

New Zealand Independent Guides

Rainbow trout, brown trout

Owen River Lodge

A very well managed and understated lodge where serious anglers pursue thier sport


A stunning property complimented by exceedingly tasteful accommodations, world-class fishing and helicopter access

Stonefly Lodge

Surrounded by a diverse array of world class fly fishing opportunities and within striking distance of some of the South Island's main attractions.

Tongariro Lodge

A proven classic with unparalleded access and some of the North Island's finest guides


Fly Fishing down under: Three Classic Lodges North and South Island.

Three classic lodges Starting with Cedar Lodge, then to Nelson Lakes and Owen River Lodge, and Finishing on the North Island at Tongariro Lodge.