Podcast: Fly Fishing Christmas Island with Super Host Rob Ramsay by The Reno Fly Shop
Max Salzburg
December 9, 2020

Christmas Island

Join Jim Litchfield of the Reno Fly Shop for a conversation with Christmas Island Super Host Rob Ramsay.  Rob has been traveling to Christmas Island since the '90s and has been hosting groups there for over 15 years.  There are few people that know the island better than "Poppa Rob". Rob offers some great insight on what anglers should expect at Christmas Island and how to prepare for a trip there. Rob also shares how deeply connected to the people on the island he is and his appreciation for the way people not only survive but thrive in such an inhospitable place.

From Jim:

"Every trip that arrives into Cassidy International Airport has a person that is assigned as the host. The host typically facilitates guests preparation for the trip, their arrival and smooths wrinkles as they move through the week. The ability of a host to do this well once is commendable. To do this for 4 weeks in a row is unbelievable. To do this every year for almost 20 years earns the unique designation of Super Host. In today’s world it seems common to have the sentiment of “been there, done that” and move onto the next adventure. I find Rob’s stories and appreciation of Christmas Island so authentic that I could listen to them for hours. From his first trip and then through the years, Rob allowed Christmas Island and the great people that live there touch him deeply."

We can not speak highly enough about Rob and the job he has done on Christmas Island. He is a great partner and friend to us and honestly he is just a great person. We hope that you will listen to and enjoy this tiny piece of the knowledge that Rob brings to the table.

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