2021 Season Report - Erfalik Lodge, Greenland (Part Two)
Trip Report
By Max Salzburg
September 7, 2021
Our friend Thomas from Getaway Fly Fishing and Erfalik Lodge sent us part two of his season report.  If you missed it click the button below to read part one.

During our fourth week at the Erfalik Lodge, we saw a significant weather change – sunny days and warmer temperatures. Typically, such weather will slow down the fishing in the afternoon, and this week was no exception. Therefore, it was decided to start fishing super early, and then serve brunch/lunch in the afternoon, for those who wanted to return to the lodge for a break.

The sixth week saw the last group of this special Erfalik-Only-Season making it into camp. Normally, the main run of fish would have slowed down during the second week of August. That doesn’t mean the fishing slows down with it: The river will be full of fish, many of which have already dressed up in their beautiful spawning suits.

This year wasn’t a normal year, and the last week of the season wasn’t a normal late-season-week. A couple of days with strong winds and rain not only made our guests enjoy the comforts of the lodge even more, it also saw the river rise 15-20 cm and colour up a bit. Both are rare occurrences, especially late in the season, but they were most welcome. Those chars already in the river started hitting flies much more aggressively, and the higher water and stronger current brought on a significant run of fresh char – fish that should normally have arrived weeks ago – so suddenly we saw great fishing for both the coloured-up chars that had been in the river for a while, and chrome bright chars, fresh out of the ocean.

The fishing was great, and our anglers had a great time – it was a Happy End to a season only made possible by the patience and understanding of our guests, strong partners, hard work, and a bit of luck.

Thomas Søbirk
Getaway Fly Fishing

Erfalik Lodge
Fish for Arctic char in a pristine environment.

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Max Salzburg

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