Meet the Staff

The Fly Water Travel Team -  Welcome to Fly Water Travel
Our mission at Fly Water Travel has always been and remains to be, above all else, trusted service providers for a vast and varied cast of passionate, well-informed travelers. In keeping with this mission, we have always maintained that we care not where a par­ticular client goes as long as we have done our best to help them understand and select the options that best suit their spe­cific needs and goals. Additionally, once a trip is decided upon we are committed to making the process of arranging all the details as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. 

"I have traveled just enough to know that your Flywater Team is exceptional and I want to thank each of you for putting together such a flawless itinerary and trip. We moved around a lot and there were many opportunities for things to get off track but your attention to the details had it nailed from start to finish. Very professional and very well done. Thanks again, I look forward to creating a lot more memories with your Flywater Team." D.G., TX

“Fly Water Travel gets an A+++ rating in customer service and support through every step of info gathering, booking and follow-up. You all ROCK! I am certain that the Fly Water Catalog will remain on our coffee table throughout the year.” M.L., CO

Brian Gies - Director of Travel Operations

Ken Morrish - Director of Travel Sales

Dylan Rose - Destination Manager - Saltwater

David Kalinowski - Destination Manager - Alaska, Kamchatka

Andy Archer - Destination Manager - Pacific Northwest, Saltwater

Max Salzburg - Destination Manager - Europe

Jesse Robbins - Professional Sales Manager

Jake Crawford - Destination Manager - Patagonia

Riley Nelson - Destination Manager - Rockies

Jon Covich - Dealer Sales, Cuba Specialist