Meet the Staff

The Fly Water Travel Team -  Welcome to Fly Water Travel

Thank you for visiting. Fly Water Travel is a team of fly fishing and travel experts exclusively dedicated to arranging trips to the world’s finest fishing destinations. We are experienced anglers and passionate travelers who are faithfully committed to making sure our customers have the best angling experience possible. We hope you find the information on this site useful and maybe even inspirational. If you have any questions about the details of any trip you see or just want to talk to someone who has been there please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

~ Dylan, Shannon, Gina, Kyle, Charles, David, Brian, Noël, Ken ~

Why We Fish
Our desire and need to fish is profoundly human, based in our primal instincts to provide or capture something of value, and in doing so, find purpose and satisfaction. No matter how refined or restricted our modern lives are, fishing enables and mandates true worry-free presence and partici­pation in the natural world. When we fish our flies through promising water there is only the immediate, overwhelming desire to connect with something pure and wild, reaffirming our prowess and place in nature’s fluid hierarchy. Our efforts don’t always work, yet when the conditions are acceptable, let alone excellent, the simple act of fishing imparts a sense of focus, excitement and fulfillment experienced all too rarely in the mayhem of our modern world.

What Drives Us
Fly Water Travel was born of angling passion. The drive to stalk fish, the curiosity to explore and a dedication to con­tinual improvement are twisted deep into the DNA of our founders and organization. From its inception, Fly Water has been an inspired endeavor forged by a special friend­ship, a shared sense of adventure and a love of wild fisheries. Fortunately for us (and our valued customers), our passion goes beyond the pleasures of our personal fishing, into a service ethos in which helping others access and experience the wonders of the angling world prove more satisfying and meaningful than our personal catches. Creating the west’s most respected, progressive and ethical fishing travel com­pany has been a journey. The hardest and most exciting part has been realizing that the process is never complete and that everything we hope to accomplish remains a work in progress. Ask any of us today what drives Fly Water Travel and you won’t hear “seeing and fishing the world’s finest waters,” but rather, “creating the ultimate service company for anglers and outfitters alike.” While none of us feel we could ever spend enough time on the water, this commit­ment to making the service experience our highest priority is a choice we are proud of, and something all of us at Fly Water could not take more seriously.

Our mission at Fly Water Travel has always been and remains to be, above all else, trusted service providers for a vast and varied cast of passionate, well-informed travelers. In keeping with this mission we have always maintained that we care not where a par­ticular client goes as long as we have done our best to help them understand and select the options that best suit their spe­cific needs and goals. Additionally, once a trip is decided upon we are committed to making the process of arranging all the details as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. 

"I have traveled just enough to know that your Flywater Team is exceptional and I want to thank each of you for putting together such a flawless itinerary and trip. We moved around a lot and there were many opportunities for things to get off track but your attention to the details had it nailed from start to finish. Very professional and very well done. Thanks again, I look forward to creating a lot more memories with your Flywater Team." D.G., TX

“Fly Water Travel gets an A+++ rating in customer service and support through every step of info gathering, booking and follow-up. You all ROCK! I am certain that the Fly Water Catalog will remain on our coffee table throughout the year.” M.L., CO