Thanksgiving, 2020: What We're Thankful For
Jesse Robbins
November 25, 2020
Dear Friends & Travelers,

As Thanksgiving approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the unprecedented events that have transpired since early March. Suffice to say, it has been a time of challenge, uncertainty, and hardship for everyone. Yet, throughout this time, we have found optimism and hope, and are repeatedly reminded of how much we still have to be grateful for.

Our goal remains clear: to be, above all else, trusted service providers for a vast and varied cast of passionate, well-informed travelers. We still feel the best advice we can give our guests, our outfitters, and ourselves is to remain patient, calm, and compassionate. We know that the relationships we have built are of the greatest importance, and how we treat others is the true measure by which we want to be judged.

Reflecting on the past year, we are particularly grateful for the following:

● Our Customers & The Opportunity to Serve Them

We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to meet, work with, and ultimately befriend a multitude of enthusiastic and intrepid fly anglers. We are driven by your excitement to fly fish the world and cherish the opportunity to contribute to your angling adventures. We are also humbled by your continued understanding and kindness in the face of adversity. Thank you.

● Our Destinations & Operators

Over our 20-plus years, we have partnered with a myriad of diverse fly fishing lodges, camps, and motherships that are run by an equally diverse collection of owners, guides, and staff. From Alaska to Africa, trout to taimen, each is unique and has its own set of challenges to operate successfully. But no matter the location or the target quarry, it is the people behind the destinations that make them special. We are constantly inspired and impressed by all of you that make dream fishing trips comes true. Thank you.

● Our Fisheries & Those Who Protect Them

As traveling anglers, we understand well that a great fishing trip is the culmination of many variables. While the number or size of fish caught often isn’t nearly as memorable as the people we shared the moment with, it is the fishery and the fish that brought us there in the first place. Let’s all remember to cherish and conserve the waters and fish that mean so much to us. And let’s not forget to support those organizations and individuals who work tirelessly to protect the places we love. Thank you. For more information, here is a list of fisheries conservation organizations that we admire and support.

● Local Wildfire Relief Efforts

For many of us in the American West, an additional challenge to the year was the terrible wildfire season. In September, our hometown and neighboring communities were struck by the Almeda Fire, leaving thousands without businesses or homes. Fires on the North Umpqua and McKenzie Rivers burned tens of thousands of acres and devastated pristine riparian forests. We are deeply saddened by the losses and destruction caused here and across the West, and forever indebted to those who respond when called upon. Thank you. To learn more and take action, click here for a list of local wildfire relief funds and resources.

● Healthcare & Essential Workers

We are also eternally grateful for the selfless and unending efforts of our nation’s healthcare and essential workers. These are ordinary people but also heroes, making sacrifices and persevering into the unknown for the sake of all. Thank you.

Most of the Fly Water team is working remotely, but you can reach us the same ways you always have, by email or phone during our normal business hours. Whether you’d like to discuss an upcoming trip, inquire about a future adventure, or simply say hello and tell us a good fish story, we look forward to hearing from you. Email us at or call (800) 552-2729.

Warm regards and happy Thanksgiving,

The Fly Water Travel Team