The Jungle
Fly Fishing's Vast Frontier
In a world that often seems smaller and more interconnected each day the vast frontier of jungle fly fishing is beyond refreshing. The fact of the matter is that has taken time to access and unlock the vast array of previously inaccessible fisheries in countries like Brazil and Bolivia. What awaits the adventuresome angler here is beyond many comprehension: fierce colorful fish with horrid manners and incredible strength. And best yet, we have only begun to scratch the surface of what the world's great jungles will present our sport's most intrepid anglers. 
Golden Dorado
With massive, powerful jaws, razor-sharp teeth, vicious predatory instincts and wild aerial displays, Golden Dorado represent one of the ultimate target species for the adventuresome fly angler. 

Peacock Bass

To understand peacock bass, first, consider their habitat. The Amazon basin is in an eat or be eaten environment. Fish make their livings there with either razor-sharp teeth or brutal strength. For peacock bass, it’s the latter and there is no tougher fish in freshwater. They happily break rods and the thickest mono on the take or while trying to pull you straight into structure.  Attaining weights of up to 25 pounds, they are some of the most aggressive game fish on the planet.