Trip Report - Kendjam Lodge, Brazil Week 1
Trip Report
By Max Salzburg
July 13, 2021
The ultimate jungle fly fishing adventure.

Week 1

The global pandemic has given the private, indigenous waters of Kendjam some much needed rest, and our well rested fishery provided some impressive numbers of fish landed in the first week of our season. We are excited to report that the fish were healthy and of good size, all released back into the waters of the Iriri River to swim again. Water levels are just perfect for the beginning of the season.

The weather at Kendjam has been terrific, with sunny days and 28 C, poppers and other topwater flies were on the menu for monster Wolf fish. The water has been relatively clear, and we are also glad to report that there were several silver pacu eating vegetation under the trees, as well as rubber paco eating algae that has begun to grow off the rocks.

Pacus and mantrinchas were caught sight fishing as well, and although the peacocks were slow to eat, dropping water levels indicate that as the season progresses, the fishing will pick up substantially.

Here is a short video trip report from our friends at Kendjam.

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