Video - Kendjam - Heart of the Amazon by Todd Moen
By Max Salzburg
January 18, 2021

Kendjam, Brazil

Were the massive Amazon basin to have an Eden, it would be on the banks of the immaculate Iriri River. Home of the Kayapo people, the noble painted natives that inspired the script for Avatar, the Iriri, with its clear green waters, countless braids and rocky islands, is an other-worldly place that floats far above what most envision the jungle to be. 

"Kendjam- Heart of the Amazon” is a Catch Magazine video with heart and soul. Known as the official online journal illustrating the world's best fly fishing photography and film, Catch Magazine's 64th edition features a film set in the heart of Brazil's Amazon Rainforest. This T-Motion film highlights incredible Amazonian species like peacock bass, matrinchã, bicuda and Hoplias aimara caught and landed on a fly rod. In an isolated location, more than 500 miles by plane from Manaus, Brazil, the Kayapó Indigenous Community lives in the Kendjam Village on the banks of the Iriri River, a tributary of the “emerald clear” Xingu River Basin. Located inside 20 thousand square miles of Amazon forest, the Menkragnoti Indigenous Territory is designated an Ecological Reserve and is the most isolated region in the Brazilian Amazon.