Video: Skeena River Lodge
Max Salzburg
December 9, 2020

Skeena River Lodge

Our friends at Sage recently posted this great video about Jeroen Wohe and the Skeena River Lodge as part of their "2020 Swing Season".  Jeroen Wohe was born in the Netherlands and got his start guiding Atlantic salmon fishermen on Russia’s Kola Peninsula. Then a trip to fish the famous steelhead rivers of British Columbia changed his life. It’s often said that change is the only constant, and not many places on Earth is this more apparent than the rivers of BC. Check out what Jeroen is up to in steelhead country and how he’s “mixing things up” at the Skeena River Lodge.

About Skeena River Lodge: Located in the greater Terrace region on the banks of the lower Skeena, Skeena River Lodge is one of BC’s finest salmon and steelhead lodges with an unbeatable combination of classified waters complimented by world-class meals and accommodations. At Skeena River Lodge guests can fish multiple sections of the Skeena, the Kalum, Copper and Kitimat as well as enjoy very tasteful single accommodations and elegant meals prepared by an internationally trained chef.

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