Video - The Kendjam Experience | Episode 1
By Max Salzburg
November 11, 2021
Kendjam Lodge
For Wild Fishing Enthusiasts​
One of Untamed Angling's most isolated destinations, Kendjam, now has its own series where lovers of jungle fishing can learn more about this unique destination in the Brazilian Amazon.

To explain a little more about the origin of the series and what fishermen will discover following The Kedjam Experience, we spoke with Rodrigo Salles, CEO of Untamed Angling Brazil:
Our inspiration to create the Kendjam experience came from our desire to show everyone a little bit more about where we fish. So many friends and anglers have asked me: “Wow, ten different species on fly, I just know about peacock bass, so what else do you have?” So we came up with the idea to show everything that Kendjam has to offer the traveling angler, from the lodging, the accommodations, the logistics, a little bit of the wildlife and the interaction with the Kayapos.

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Max Salzburg

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